I Like Me

I Am Every Good Thing. Derrick Barnes & Gordon James, $23.99 (ages 3-7)

I am
a nonstop ball of energy.
Powerful and full of light.
I am a go-getter. A difference maker. A leader.

The confident Black narrator of this book is proud of everything that makes him who he is. He's got big plans, and no doubt he'll see them through—as he's creative, adventurous, smart, funny, and a good friend. Sometimes he falls, but he always gets back up. And other times he's afraid, because he's so often misunderstood and called what he is not. So slow down and really look and listen, when somebody tells you — and shows you — who they are. There are superheroes in our midst!

My Day with Gong Gong. Sennah Yee, illustrated by Elaine Chen, $21.95 (ages 3-5)

A day in Chinatown takes an unexpected turn when a bored little girl makes a connection with her grandpa. May isn't having fun on her trip through Chinatown with her grandfather. Gong Gong doesn't speak much English, and May can't understand Chinese. She's hungry, and bored with Gong Gong's errands. Plus, it seems like Gong Gong's friends are making fun of her! But just when May can’t take any more, Gong Gong surprises her with a gift that reveals he’s been paying more attention than she thought.

A glossary at the end of the book features translations of the Chinese words from the story into Chinese characters and English.

Hey Little Rockabye: a Lullaby for Pet Adoption. Buffy Sainte-Marie, illustrated by Ben Hodson, $19.95 (ages 3-7)

In this tender and moving picture book, a puppy is looking for someone to love him. Will the girl who rescues him convince her parents to let her keep the little dog? Buffy Sainte-Marie advocates “putting the songs to work” and, like her other lyrics, Hey Little Rockabye conveys an important message about finding love and acceptance.

Story Boat. Kyo Maclear, illustrated by Rashin Kheiriyeh, $21.99 (ages 3-6) http://www.parentbooks.ca/images/tiny%20maple%20leaf.JPG

When a little girl and her younger brother are forced along with their family to flee the home they've always known, they must learn to make a new home for themselves — wherever they are. And sometimes the smallest things — a cup, a blanket, a lamp, a flower, a story — can become a port of hope in a terrible storm. As the refugees travel onward toward an uncertain future, they are buoyed up by their hopes, dreams and the stories they tell — a story that will carry them perpetually forward.

This timely, sensitively told story, written by multiple award-winner Kyo Maclear and illustrated by Sendak Fellowship recipient Rashin Kheiriyeh, introduces very young readers in a gentle, non-frightening and ultimately hopeful way to the current refugee crisis.

They All Saw a Cat. Brendan Wenzel, $24.99 (ages 3-6)

The cat walked through the world, with its whiskers, ears, and paws... In this glorious celebration of observation, curiosity, and imagination, Brendan Wenzel shows us the many lives of one cat, and how perspective shapes what we see. When you see a cat, what do you see?

A Stone Sat Still. Brendan Wenzel, $25.50 (ages 3-6)

The brilliant follow-up to the Caldecott Honor-winning and New York Times bestselling picture book They All Saw a Cat by Brendan Wenzel!

A Stone Sat Still tells the story of a seemingly ordinary rock — but to the animals that use it, it is a resting place, a kitchen, a safe haven... even an entire world. This is a gorgeous exploration of perspective, perception, and the passage of time, with an underlying environmental message that is timely and poignant. With a rhythmic, calming narrative about the stone and its place in the world — and the changing environment — A Stone Sat Still is a modern children's classic that will enchant readers in preschool and kindergarten, as well as the adults that read with them.

Parker Looks Up: an Extraordinary Moment. Parker Curry & Jessica Curry, illustrated by Brittany Jackson, $23.99 (ages 3-6)

When Parker Curry came face-to-face with Amy Sherald’s transcendent portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama at the National Portrait Gallery, she didn’t just see the First Lady of the United States. She saw a queen — one with dynamic self-assurance, regality, beauty, and truth who captured this young girl’s imagination. When a nearby museum-goer snapped a photo of a mesmerized Parker, it became an internet sensation. Inspired by this visit, Parker, and her mother, Jessica Curry, tell the story of a young girl and her family, whose trip to a museum becomes an extraordinary moment, in a moving picture book.

I'm So Not Wearing a Dress! Julie Merberg, illustrated by Mai Kemble, $15.99 (ages 3-6)

Shelby likes to play sports in her favorite red sneakers. She likes to dig for worms with her best friend, Nate. She does not want to have tea parties with her next door neighbor, Sophie. And when she is asked to be a flower girl in her aunt’s wedding, she knows one thing for sure: SHE IS SO NOT WEARING A DRESS! A spunky heroine, and a totally charming story will appeal to the many, many girls who prefer baseball caps to tiaras.

Stormy: a Story about Finding a Forever Home. Guojing, $23.99 (ages3-)

In this heartwarming, wordless picture book that's perfect for dog lovers, a woman visits a park and discovers a pup hiding under a bench — scruffy, scared, and alone. With gentle coaxing, the woman tries to befriend the animal, but the dog is too scared to let her near. Day after day, the woman tries — and day after day, the dog runs away. With perseverance and patience — and help from an enticing tennis ball — a tentative friendship begins. But it's not until a raging storm forces the two together that a joyous and satisfying friendship takes hold. Guojing poignantly explores how trust doesn't always come easily, but how, over time, and with kindness and determination, forever love can grow.

Sharon, Lois & Bram's Skinnamarink. Randi Hampson, illustrated by Qin Leng, $21.99 (ages 3-7)

What does "skinnamarink" mean? You may not find its definition in a dictionary, but the meaning is clear to the generations of children who sang along: friendship, happiness, sharing, community and, ultimately, love. This song has been sung in weddings and in classrooms. It can be fun and silly — especially with the accompanying actions! And it has a way of bringing people together.

The Sniffles for Bear. Bonny Becker, illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton, $9.50 (ages 3-6)

A relentlessly cheery Mouse pushes a cold-suffering Bear to new heights of melodrama in a hilarious adventure starring the unlikely pair.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Judith Kerr, $10.99 (ages 3-5)

The doorbell rings just as Sophie and her mummy are sitting down to tea. Who could it possibly be? What they certainly don't expect to see at the door is a big furry, stripy tiger!

This modern classic picture book is perfect for reading aloud, or for small children to read to themselves time and again. All artwork has been re-originated and a fresh design approach has been used for this reformatted edition.

The School Book. Todd Parr, $23.49 (ages 3-7)

With his trademark bright colors and bold lines, Todd Parr introduces readers to a perennial source of childhood anxiety and excitement both: school! From morning routines to meeting new people to learning and playing together, Todd explores all the different things that can happen in school, all the while sharing a cheerful, child-friendly message of sharing, inclusion, and community. Welcome to school — a place for everyone to grow!

The Don't Worry Book. Todd Parr, $22.49 (ages 3-6)

Todd Parr brings his trademark bright colors and bold lines to his new book about things that might make kids worry — from loud news, to loud neighbors, or a big day at school. With his signature humor and instantly recognizable style, Todd speaks out to kids who are feeling the weight of their world, offering solutions and comfort, as well as giggles.

Big Boys Cry. Jonty Howley, $23.99 (ages 3-7)

It's Levi's first day at a new school, and he's scared. His father tries to comfort Levi by telling him "Big boys don't cry." Though the father immediately understands his misstep, he can't find the words to comfort his son, and Levi leaves for school, still in need of reassurance.

Fortunately, along his walk to school, Levi sees instance after instance of grown men openly expressing their sadness and fear. His learned mantra, "Big boys don't cry," slowly weakens, and by the time he's at school he releases a tear. Once he's there, things aren't so bad after all, and on his walk home he sees everyone he's encountered earlier, feeling better now that they expressed their emotions. Upon his arrival home, he finds his father waiting for him on their porch, tears in his eyes. His father is able to admit that he was scared and the two embrace, closer than before.

The Magic Boat. Kit Pearson, Katherine Farris & Gabrielle Grimard, $19.95 (ages 3-5)

Every summer morning, Ellie and her Nonna go to the beach. They swim and build sandcastles, and while Nonna reads, Ellie watches the other children play. One day Ellie builds up the courage to approach an older girl playing on her own in a beached rowboat. Piper has a gift, an imagination so great that she whisks Ellie off on grand adventures, going high in the air, deep below the ocean and everywhere in between in their little blue boat, their magic boat. When Piper has to leave, Ellie discovers she has her own vivid imagination.

Kitten and the Night Watchman. John Sullivan, illustrated by Taeeun Yoo, $23.99 (ages 3-5)

A stray kitten changes the way the watchman sees night-time in this tender book based on a true story.

The night watchman hugs his wife and kids and drives to work. All night he is alone. Every hour he makes his rounds. When he is joined by a stray kitten, the night suddenly seems different. Has the kitten found a new home?

My Tree and Me: a Book of Seasons. Jo Witek, illustrated by Christine Roussey, $21.99 (ages 3-7)

One little girl has a very special friend, the tall ancient tree in her backyard. Through the seasons, she grows along with the tree, playing in its branches and basking in its shade. She can swing and have a picnic, draw the tree and play hide and go seek. Through her time with her tree, the girl learns to appreciate the natural world as something to be savored and protected and acknowledges her place within it.

Birds. Lemniscates, $21.00 (ages 2-5)

Birds come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They like to chat with one another as they fly high and low in the sky. Birds make music, with songs that are like the loving words of a friend, and we are lucky enough to enjoy those sweet melodies. But best of all, birds are capable of flying wherever they please — they just let their hearts guide them. And we can do that, too, if we use our imaginations. In a lyrical ode to our winged friends, the creator of Trees turns her eye to a diverse class of creatures that has much to teach about transcending the barriers that lie between us.

Trees. Lemniscates, $21.00 (ages 2-5)

Trees change through the seasons — springing to life, bearing fruit, and losing their leaves before a period of sleep. They clean the air we breathe, provide seeds and homes for creatures, and extend their shade to everyone equally. Throughout all these changes, trees are constant, patiently learning to grow and flourish wherever they might be. Trees is a reverent and poetic homage that invites the reader to take a closer look at these magnificent beings.

Zen Happiness. Jon Muth, $11.99 (ages 5-7)

This beautiful, small format gift book contains 12 inspiring and affirmational sayings that take on deeper meaning when paired with the profoundly beautiful artwork from Jon J Muth's award-winning Zen books, many featuring the beloved panda bear, Stillwater. This is a book to cherish. Every saying inspires delight, and each picture is worth a thousand words!

Moon Wishes. Guy & Patricia Storms, illustrated by Milan Pavlović, $17.95 (ages 4-7)

 “I wish I were the moon,” says the speaker in this timeless bedtime story, “so that I could shine on you.” The moon shines to guide a journey home, glistens beautifully on icy snow, and wishes peace and safety for travelers, friends and troubled hearts.

A Plan for Pops. Heather Smith & Brooke Kerrigan, $19.95 (ages 3-5)

Lou spends every Saturday with Grandad and Pops. They walk to the library hand in  hand, like a chain of paper dolls. Grandad reads books about science and design, Pops listens to rock and roll, and Lou bounces from lap to lap. But everything changes one Saturday. Pops has a fall. That night there is terrible news: Pops will be confined to a wheelchair, not just for now, but for always. Unable to cope with his new circumstances, he becomes withdrawn and shuts himself in his room. Hearing Grandad trying to cheer up Pops inspires Lou to make a plan. Using skills learned from Grandad, and with a little help from their neighbors, Lou comes up with a plan for Pops.

Animalphabet. Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Sharon King-Chai, $30.99

Each cleverly cut flap draws you further into a beautifully vibrant world of huge elephants, slithery snakes, and growling tigers. Sharon King-Chai's bold colours and shapes make Animalphabet a rich delight for children of all ages, while Julia Donaldson's rhythmic text is a pleasure to read aloud. The cleverly written, simple text invites children to compare one animal to another, and clever hints and peep-through holes within the artwork make this book an entertaining guessing game, as well as a gorgeous book to treasure.

I Am Small. Qin Leng, $18.99 (ages 3-6)

Mimi is so little. Everyone is taller than her, even the family dog! She can barely reach the bottom of the blackboard at school and isn't tall enough to see all the pretty cakes in the display case at the bakery. Though her friends try to tell her there are lots of advantages to being her size (like fitting into the best hiding places and easily scooting to the front of the cafeteria line) to Mimi, being small is the worst. But then one day, she hears that there's a surprise waiting for her at home. A very little surprise. And Mimi is about to discover a little something about being little.

My Friend Is Sad. Mo Willems, $10.99 (ages 3-5)

In My Friend is Sad, elephant Gerald is down in the dumps. Piggie is determined to cheer him up by dressing as a cowboy, a clown, and even a robot! But what does it take to make a sad elephant happy? The answer will make even pessimistic elephants smile.

Anna at the Art Museum. Hazel Hutchins & Gail Herbert, illustrated by Lil Crump, $21.95 (ages 4-6)

Going to the Art Museum with her mom is no fun at all for Anna. Everything is old and boring and there are so many rules: Don’t Touch! Do Not Enter! Quiet! A vigilant guard keeps a close eye on the energetic little girl, but even so, Anna manages to set off an alarm and almost tip over a vase.

Filled with representations of paintings from many world-class galleries, this charming book is the perfect prelude to a child’s first visit to an art museum.

Out of the Blue. Wallace Edwards, $19.99 (ages 3-6)

Ernest is flying his kite when it gets stuck in a tree. At the same moment, there's a flash in the sky, followed by a loud crash! He sets out on a difficult journey up a mountain to find out what happened.

When he discovers a strange being has landed at the top, Ernest hides in fear. But he soon realizes that this creature needs his help.  As they find ways to understand each other, it becomes clear that solving their problems together means they are no longer strangers — they are friends!

My Feelings and Me. Holde Kreul, illustrated by Dagmar Geisler, $22.99 (ages 3-6)

Sometimes, we're happy, so we laugh and shout with glee. Other times, we're angry, and want to rage and roar. It is not easy to deal with our many contradictory emotions. To recognize our own feelings and deal with them responsibly is an important learning process for children, and a trial of limits.

Hats of Faith. Medeia Cohan, illustrated by Sarah Walsh, $14.99 (ages 3-5)

Hats of Faith is a simple and striking introduction to the shared custom of religious head coverings. With bright images and a carefully researched interfaith text, this thoughtful book inspires understanding and celebrates our culturally diverse modern world.

Grumpy Monkey. Suzanne Lang, illustrated by Max Lang, $23.99 (ages 3-7)

Jim the chimpanzee is in a terrible mood for no good reason. His friends can't understand it — how can he be in a bad mood when it's SUCH a beautiful day? They encourage him not to hunch, to smile, and to do things that make THEM happy. But Jim can't take all the advice... and has a BIT of a meltdown. Could it be that he just needs a day to feel grumpy?

In this lively picture book about dealing with unexplained feelings — and the danger in suppressing them — Suzanne and Max Lang demonstrate to kids that they are allowed to feel their feelings.

All about Families. Felicity Brooks, $18.95 (ages 3-6)

Families come in all shapes and sizes and from all sorts of backgrounds. They speak various languages, eat different sorts of food, live in different kinds of homes and celebrate special occasions in a variety of ways. This book lets children explore questions such as ‘What is a family?’, ‘What different sorts of families are there?’ and more. A entertaining and gently informative book that portrays diverse families and helps children think, talk about and understand difference.

Ella Sarah Gets Dressed. Margaret Chodos-Irving, $10.99 (ages 3-6)

Ella Sarah may be little, but she has a BIG sense of style — and it isn't at all like that of her mother, father, or older sister. Yet they all want her to dress just like them! Ella Sarah will have none of it — and when her flamboyantly dressed friends arrive, it's clear that Ella Sarah's favorite outfit is just right for her.

How to Be a Big Kid. $16.99 (ages 2-5)

Being little is hard work. There's so much for children to learn: tying their shoelaces, finding the right hole for each arm in a sweater, remembering to say "please" and "thank you," sharing toys with other children, and a whole bunch of other things, too. Then they're expected to go to school and learn even more. How to be a Big Kid is here to help children learn the skills they need to take care of themselves, get along with others, and be ready to go on their first day of school.

Stack the Cats. Susie Ghahremani, $11.99 (ages 3-5)

One cat sleeps. Two cats play. Three cats stack!

Cats of all shapes and sizes scamper, stretch and yawn across the pages of this adorable counting book. And every now and then, they find themselves in the purrfect fluffy stack!

Balance the Birds: a Book of Weight, Balance, and Logic. Susie Ghahremani, $18.99 (ages 3-5)

A follow-up to Stack the Cats, Balance the Birds is about balance and relative size. When birds spot a tree and decide to land on its branches, the readers can help them find the perfect balance.

Don't Blink! Amy Krouse Rosenthal, illustrated by David Roberts, $23.99 (ages 3-7)

This interactive book may seem to be on your side, reluctant sleeper — but it's truly a bedtime book in disguise! Here's how it works: if you can avoid getting to the end of this book, you can avoid bedtime, simple as that. (It's a pretty sweet deal, actually.) But each time you blink, you have to turn a page. Those are just the rules. So whatever you do, DON'T BLINK!

Why I Love Quebec: Celebrating Quebec, In Children's Very Own Words. Daniel Howarth, $12.99 (ages 3-5)

Featuring children’s own words and heart-warming pictures, this board book, this is the perfect book for children living in, or visiting Quebec.

This Is the Nest That Robin Built. Denise Fleming, $23.99 (ages 2-7)

Robin is building a nest, and her friends are ready to help! The squirrel trims the twigs. The dog brings the string. The horse shares his straw. And then a surprise gatefold spread reveals how Robin knits them all together to make a safe and cozy home for her babies.

With My Daddy: a Book of Love and Family. Jo Witek, illustrated by Christine Roussey, $21.99 (ages 2-4)

Our spunky heroine loves spending time with her dad. They ride bikes and swim in the pool! They can imagine exciting adventures, or just lounge around on a hot day. Being with her dad makes her feel safe and comforted, strong and powerful. She can confront the neighbor’s dog and get thrown up in the air! And when she gets too scared, or too angry, nothing calms her down better than a big hug from dad.

Happy In Our Skin. Fran Manushkin, illustrated by Lauren Tobia, $10.99 (ages 3-6)

Just savor these bouquets of babies — cocoa-brown, cinnamon, peaches and cream. As they grow, their clever skin does too, enjoying hugs and tickles, protecting them inside and out, and making them one of a kind. Fran Manushkin's rollicking text and Lauren Tobia's delicious illustrations paint a breezy and irresistible picture of the human family — and how wonderful it is to be just who you are.

Lost and Found. Oliver Jeffers, $11.99 (ages 3-5)

There once was a boy... and one day a penguin arrives on his doorstep. The boy decides the penguin must be lost and tries to return him. But no one seems to be missing a penguin. So the boy decides to take the penguin home himself, and they set out in his row boat on a journey to the South Pole.

But when they get there, the boy discovers that maybe home wasn’t what the penguin was looking for after all.

Here We Are: Notes for Living On Planet Earth. Oliver Jeffers, $23.99 (ages 3-7)

Insightfully sweet, with a gentle humor and poignancy, here is Oliver Jeffers’ user’s guide to life on Earth. He created it specially for his son, yet with a universality that embraces all children and their parents. Be it a complex view of our planet’s terrain (bumpy, sharp, wet), a deep look at our place in space (it’s big), or a guide to all of humanity (don’t be fooled, we are all people), Oliver’s signature wit and humor combine with a value system of kindness and tolerance to create a must-have book for parents.

Zero. Kathryn Otoshi, $26.50 (ages 3 +)

Zero is a big round number. When she looks at herself, she just sees a hole right in her center. Every day she watches the other numbers line up to count: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.... !" "Those numbers have value. That's why they count," she thinks. But how could a number worth nothing become something? Zero feels empty inside. She watches One having fun with the other numbers. One has bold strokes and squared corners. Zero is big and round with no corners at all. "If I were like One, then I can count too," she thinks. So she pushes and pulls, stretches and straightens, forces and flattens herself, but in the end she realizes that she can only be Zero. As budding young readers learn about numbers and counting, they are also introduced to accepting different body types, developing social skills and character, and learning what it means to find value in yourself and in others.

One. Kathryn Otoshi, $26.95 (ages 3+)

Blue is a quiet color. Red’s a hothead who likes to pick on Blue. Yellow, Orange, Green, and Purple don’t like what they see, but what can they do? When no one speaks up, things get out of hand — until One comes along and shows all the colors how to stand up, stand together, and count. As budding young readers learn about numbers, counting, and primary and secondary colors, they also learn about accepting each other's differences and how it sometimes just takes one voice to make everyone count.

The Magic Garden: Take a Journey through the Magical World of Nature. Lemniscates, $21.95 (ages 3-6)

Just like the passing of the seasons, or the mysterious transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, in this garden, everything is continually changing. With gorgeous illustrations and a beautiful story of a young girl discovering the marvels of nature, The Magic Garden is sure to delight young readers. At the end, the mysteries uncovered in the story are explained, so children can get their questions about the natural world answered, including sections on how bees make honey, why some animals camouflage themselves, and how a seed grows into a tree.  Learning about nature has never been more enchanting.

Always. Emma Dodd, $12.99 (ages 2-5)

One little elephant learns that a parent’s love is unconditional, in an exquisite new title from Emma Dodd.


Forever. Emma Dodd, $12.99 (ages 2-5)

A little polar bear discovers that through life's ups and downs, a parent's love lasts forever.

Happy. Emma Dodd, $12.99 (ages 2-5)

Exploring the loving relationship between one little owl and his mommy, this beautifully designed picture book is certain to become a bedtime favorite.

Together. Emma Dodd, $12.99 (ages 2-5)

This little sea otter loves spending time with his parent — learning new things, playing together, or even just holding each other. In fact, every day this little sea otter spends with his parent is special, just because they are together.

1-2-3 Magic

Wish: I Love and Wish for You. Emma Dodd, $12.99 (ages 2-5)

A little wolf has someone special who always wishes the very best for them.

My Secret Dog. Tom Alexander, $19.95 (ages 3-7)

The delightful story of a young girl inviting a dog into her home to stay as her secret houseguest. Although her mother has said they don't have room to keep a dog, the girl hatches a daring plan to make sure that nobody finds out... only to discover that dogs, like secrets, are much harder to keep under wraps than she suspected!

Wild One. Jane Whittingham, illustrated by Noel Tuazon, $16.95 (ages 3-7)

Can you stretch like a cat or hang like a bat? This little one can do those things and so much more as she bounds energetically through her day, from the park to the pool, to dinner and bed, with the animal companions of her imagination.

The Best Dad In the World. Pat Chapman, illustrated by Cat Chapman, $19.99 (ages 3-6)

What makes dads so special? Is it because they never get tired, or they love listening to music played by toddlers on pots and pans? Find out in this delightful, funny picture book that will be every child's favourite bedtime story. There's even a special page for children to draw a picture of their dad.

Shelter. Céline Claire, illustrated by Qin Leng, $18.99 (ages 3-7)

As a big storm approaches, two strangers arrive in the forest. All the animal families, safe in their homes, are worried. They wonder, “What are they doing there? What do they want?” So, as the pair knocks at the door of one home after another asking for shelter, all the animals turn them away, leaving them to fend for themselves. But then an accident suddenly forces the fox family out into the snow and the wind, and the foxes find they must ask these outsiders for help. Will they find it in their hearts to give it?


The Jar of Happiness. Ailsa Burrows, $18.99 (ages 3-7)

How do you create happiness? In this story, one child finds a way. She mixes the smell of warm biscuits and the seaside with the taste of chocolate ice cream, apple juice and the warmth of sunshine. She fills the jar and visits her loved ones to share her invention. But one day her jar goes missing. She searches everywhere but cannot find it. As she retraces her footsteps she discovers there are many different ways to share happiness.

TWIG. Aura Parker, $14.99 (ages 3-6)

Twig is a stick insect, long and thin like the twig of a tree. It's her first day at Bug School, where she hopes to learn lots and make new friends. But no one will talk to her... and no one will play with her at lunch. No one notices her at all — not even her teacher Miss Orb. Perhaps she's blending in with the branches a little too well! Finally, Twig speaks up for herself and Miss Orb comes up with a plan to help Twig stand out.

Giraffe and Bird. Rebecca Bender, $17.95 (ages 3-7)

Giraffe and Bird are not friends. Not even a little bit. The bird pesters the giraffe with his face-making, feather-pruning, and disgusting eating habits. The giraffe annoys the bird with his bad breath, ear-swatting, and lack of respect for personal space. Of course they are always fighting. Of course they would be better off without each other. Except, it turns out, maybe they wouldn’t be.

Crow and the Waterhole. Ambelin Kwaymullina, $13.95 (ages 3-7)

There was once a crow who lived in a tree by a waterhole. Each morning, she stared into the water, and saw another crow staring back. Crow thought Crow-in-the-waterhole was the most wonderful bird she had ever seen.

Crow and the Waterhole is an inspiring and uplifting picture book for younger readers, by author Ambelin Kwaymullina from the Palyku people of the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

How Frogmouth Found Her Home. Ambelin Kwaymullina, $12.99 (ages 3-7)

Frogmouth isn’t like the other birds. She doesn’t want to live in the trees. Frogmouth is in search of something more. Frogmouth travels the land hunting for a new nesting place, but nothing feels right. On her way, she helps other animals find their true homes, but still she searches. Only when she meets Moon and hears his intriguing offer can she finally find her true home.

Author Ambelin Kwaymullina is from the Palyku people of the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Oonga Boonga. Frieda Wishnsky, illustrated by Michael Martchenko,$9.99 (ages 3-6)

Daniel's family has a little problem. Daniel's baby sister, Louise, just won't stop crying. Everyone in the family tries to soothe her. Her mother sings a lullaby; her father rocks her in his arms; Grandma gives her a bottle; Grandpa plays a tune on his harmonica. But nothing works! Little Louise just goes on crying until big brother Daniel appears on the scene and tells her, "Oonga Boonga." Like magic, Louise's tears stop. But the funny thing is, these whimsical words don't work when the grown-ups say them. Daniel has the magic touch with his little sister!

Hooray for Birds! Lucy Cousins, $22.00 (ages 3-7)

From the rooster’s “cock-a-doodle-doo” at dawn to the owl’s nighttime “tuwit, tuwoo,” the cheeps and tweets of many bright and beautiful avian friends will have children eager to join in as honorary fledglings. This day in the life of birds will hold the attention of even the smallest bird-watchers, whether at storytime or just before settling into their cozy nests to sleep.

Little Snowshoe. Ellen Bryan Obed, illustrated by William Ritchie, $12.95 (ages 3-7)

Set in the Arctic, this charming, beautifully illustrated story unfolds with Little Snowshoe looking for his mother. Against the whiteness of the snow he is continually fooled by other objects that he mistakes for her. Finally, exhausted from his search, he falls asleep to be awakened by his mother who has found him. Little Snowshoe is an easy-to-read book, which bases its story line on the camouflage ability of the snowshoe rabbit. Written by Ellen Bryan Obed, illustrated by William Ritchie.

There's a Cat in Our Class! A Tale about Getting Along. Jeanie Franz Ransom, illustrated by Bryan Langdo, $22.50 (ages 3-7)

Max, Rusty, Ginger, and Tanner assume without question that their new classmate is just like them... a DOG. Guess what? Samantha is NOT a dog, which leads to whole heap of questions. But in little time, all the tails in Miss Biscuit's classroom start wagging, and Samantha is celebrated for the CAT she is, just in time for another new student!

There's a Cat in Our Class! is a kid-friendly exploration of diversity, teaching kids the value of not only accepting but embracing the differences of those around us. Includes a Note to Readers that discusses how parents, teachers, and other adults can talk with children about diversity in a way that's meaningful and effective.

Waiting for the Whales. Sheryl MacFalane & Ron Lightburn, $10.95 (ages 3-7)

In this timeless classic set on the West Coast, an old man lives alone on a bluff overlooking the sea, tends his garden and waits. Only when the whales return each year to the bay in front of his cottage is his loneliness eased. One day his daughter and her baby return home to live with the old man, bringing a renewed sense of purpose to his life. As his granddaughter grows, the old man passes on a wealth of knowledge and wisdom as well as his passion for the whales. And each year they wait together for the whales to appear.

Waiting for the Whales illuminates the unique friendship between grandparent and child and celebrates the restorative power of the natural world.

Almost a Full Moon. Hawksley Workman, Illustrated by Jensine Eckwall, $21.99 (ages 3+)

Almost a Full Moon is a warm-hearted story of family, community, food and home. A boy and his grandmother host a gathering in their small cabin in the middle of winter. Friends travel from near and far, and some new friends even turn up. The walls of the cabin are elastic and the soup pot bottomless; all are welcome.

Based on the lyrics of Hawksley Workman’s song from his holiday album Almost a Full Moon, this book evokes both the cold and the coziness of a winter’s night: crisp clean air, sparkling snow, the light of the moon, welcoming windows, glowing candles, family and friends. The spare text is beautifully complemented with the rich illustrations of Jensine Eckwall. She brings beauty and a hint of magic to Workman’s evocative lyrics; together, they create a world and a night that will enchant readers of all ages.

Fiona's Little Lie. Rosemary Wells, $21.00 (ages 3-5)

It’s Felix’s birthday tomorrow! His best friend, Fiona, has promised to bake cupcakes to celebrate, and Felix can’t wait. But the next morning, Fiona arrives at the party with no cupcakes... and a tall tale that’s as colorful as raspberry icing with lemon sprinkles. Fiona’s little lie points the finger at three likely suspects, but Felix has a feeling that she might be getting in deeper and deeper. Now Fiona doesn’t know which is worse — forgetfulness or a queasy conscience. Luckily she has a friend like Felix to whisper some advice into her ear!

We Found a Hat. Jon Klassen, $21.99 (ages 3-7)

Two turtles have found a hat. The hat looks good on both of them. But there are two turtles. And there is only one hat!

Hold on to your hats for the conclusion of the celebrated hat trilogy by Caldecott Medalist Jon Klassen, who gives his deadpan finale a surprising new twist.

I Want My Hat Back. Jon Klassen, $23.99 (ages 3-7)

The bear’s hat is gone, and he wants it back. Patiently and politely, he asks the animals he comes across, one by one, whether they have seen it. Each animal says no, some more elaborately than others. But just as the bear begins to despond, a deer comes by and asks a simple question that sparks the bear’s memory and renews his search with a vengeance.

This Is Not My Hat. Jon Klassen, $23.99 (ages 3-7)

When a tiny fish shoots into view wearing a round blue topper (which happens to fit him perfectly), trouble could be following close behind. So it’s a good thing that enormous fish won’t wake up. And even if he does, it’s not like he’ll ever know what happened.

Little Fox, Lost. Nicole Snitselaar, Illustrated by Alicia Padrón, $16.95 (ages 3-7)

Little Fox’s paw prints make such beautiful pictures in the newly fallen snow. Left here, right there, around that fallen branch — he scatters them throughout the forest until, too late, he finds he can’t retrace his steps back home. Lost and afraid, Little Fox wants to agree when a kind, old owl offers to fly ahead and guide him. But Mama Fox has warned him often: “If ever you are lost, my child, / don’t let a stranger guide you. / Be still and I will search the wild / until I am beside you.”

In gentle, expressive text, Nicole Snitselaar spins a tale that goes far beyond a simple “stranger danger” warning. Her Little Fox, equipped with his own ingenuity as well as his mother’s wisdom, cleverly finds a way for the other animals to attract Mama Fox’s attention while keeping himself safe.

A Squiggly Story. Andrew Larsen, illustrated by  Mike Lowery, $18.95 (ages 3-7)

A young boy wants to write a story, just like his big sister. But there's a problem, he tells her. Though he knows his letters, he doesn't know many words. “Every story starts with a single word and every word starts with a single letter,” his sister explains patiently. “Why don't you start there, with a letter?” So the boy tries. He writes a letter. An easy letter. The letter I. And from that one skinny letter, the story grows, and the little boy discovers that all of us, including him, have what we need to write our own perfect story.

This Is Not a Book. Jean Jullien, $15.95 (ages 3-6)

This is not a book — it's a laptop, a pair of hands to clap, a toolbox! Each spread of this book is actually something else entirely, challenging young readers to see things quite differently! Turning the page and finding a full-sized image of piano keys will invite children to swing the book on its side for imaginative play; turning the page again to find a monster with its mouth wide open will prompt children to use the book to chomp everything around them! The result stretches beyond the pages of this book, prompting readers to think creatively about other objects in their daily lives.

Before & After. Jean Jullien, $19.95 (ages 3-6)

Graphic artist Jean Jullien insightfully and comically depicts a set of clever and surprising before-and-after two-frame narratives, each progressed by a page turn. From pale skin to sunburned skin, dirty to clean, long hair to short hair (to long again), Jullien masterfully builds anticipation and a satisfying resolution with each pairing. Striking the perfect balance of predictability and unexpectedness, this book will leave readers in wonder as they flip back and forth.

Malaika's Costume. Nadia Hohn, illustrated by Irene Luxbacher, $18.95 (ages 3-7)

It’s Carnival time. The first Carnival since Malaika’s mother moved to Canada to find a good job and provide for Malaika and her grandmother. Her mother promised she would send money for a costume, but when the money doesn’t arrive, will Malaika still be able to dance in the parade?

Disappointed and upset at her grandmother’s hand-me-down costume, Malaika leaves the house, running into Ms. Chin, the tailor, who offers Malaika a bag of scrap fabric. With her grandmother’s help, Malaika creates a patchwork rainbow peacock costume, and dances proudly in the parade.

Malaika's Winter Carnival. Nadia Hohn, illustrated by Irene Luxbacher, $18.95 (ages 3-7)

Malaika is happy to be reunited with Mummy, but it means moving to Canada, where everything is different. It’s cold in Québec City, no one understands when she talks and Carnival is nothing like the celebration Malaika knows from home!

When Mummy marries Mr. Frédéric, Malaika gets a new sister called Adèle. Her new family is nice, but Malaika misses Grandma. She has to wear a puffy purple coat, learn a new language and get used to calling this new place home. Things come to a head when Mummy and Mr. Frédéric take Malaika and Adèle to a carnival. Malaika is dismayed that there are no colorful costumes and that it’s nothing like Carnival at home in the Caribbean! She is so angry that she kicks over Adèle’s snow castle, but that doesn’t make her feel any better. It takes a video chat with Grandma to help Malaika see the good things about her new home and family.

Grumpy Pants. Claire Messer, $24.50 (ages 3-6)

We all have grumpy days. Sometimes the best thing to do is wash it off!

Tell Me a Tattoo Story. Alison McGhee, illustrated by Eliza Wheller, $23.99 (ages 3-7)

A bestselling author-illustrator duo join forces to create a modern father-son love story. The father tells his little son the story behind each of his tattoos, and together they go on a beautiful journey through family history. There's a tattoo from a favorite book his mother used to read him, one from something his father used to tell him, and one from the longest trip he ever took. And there is a little heart with numbers inside — which might be the best tattoo of them all. Tender pictures by New York Times bestselling illustrator Eliza Wheeler complement this lovely ode to all that's indelible — ink and love.

Apples and Robins. Lucie Félix, $23.99 (ages 3-7)

All you need for apples... are circles and the color red. In this extraordinary book, one thing transforms into another as each page turns — a circle becomes an apple, an oval becomes a bird, winter becomes spring. Constantly surprising and brilliantly constructed, Lucie Félix's Apples and Robins is full of the magic of shape, color, and imagination. All you need to do... is turn the page.

Little Elephant Listens. Michael Dahl, Illustrated by Oriol Vidal, $8.95 (ages 2-4)

Little Elephant uses his big ears to listen to his parents.

Little Lion Shares. Michael Dahl, Illustrated by Oriol Vidal, $8.95 (ages 2-4)

Little Lion does not like to share, but he must learn so he can share something extra special with his mom.

Little Monkey Calms Down. Michael Dahl, Illustrated by Oriol Vidal, $9.95 (ages 2-4)

Little Monkey is having a bad day. After a major melt down, he goes to his room and uses some coping techniques to calm down.

Penguin Misses Mom. Michael Dahl, Illustrated by Oriol Vidal, $8.95 (ages 2-4)

Sometimes Moms have to leave their little ones at home for a short time. It can be a challenge – especially for Penguin!  There are tears and sadness, but Penguin likes the babysitter, Mrs. Duck. They have fun together reading and playing and hugging Penguin’s favorite pillow. And soon, someone’s at the door – Mom is back! This sweet new board book confides that missing Mom is hard for everyone, but little listeners will delight in the happy ending.

Goodnight, Good Dog. Mary Lyn Ray, Illustrated by Rebecca Malone, $23.99 (ages 2-5)

Say goodnight to a good dog — who isn't ready to go to sleep just yet.

The Goodbye Book. Todd Parr, $22.99 (ages 2-6)

Through the lens of a pet fish who has lost his companion, Todd Parr tells a moving and wholly accessible story about saying goodbye. Touching upon the host of emotions children experience, Todd reminds readers that it's okay not to know all the answers, and that someone will always be there to support them. An invaluable resource for life's toughest moments.

The Very Best Bed. Rebekah Raye, $11.95 (ages 3-7)

In The Very Best Bed a bushy gray squirrel is ready for bed, but where will he sleep tonight? He finds a cozy den, but a big black bear is already sleeping there. On his way up a tree, he sees a family of bats, but sleeping upside down doesn’t suit him. A beaver slaps his tail on the pond before he dives down to his bed in his lodge, but the squirrel doesn’t want to get his feet wet. Here’s a snug hole in a tree, but it’s overflowing with raccoon babies. Rebekah Raye’s wonderful watercolor paintings take us along on the gray squirrel’s search for just the right bed. Where, oh where, will he sleep tonight?

Llama Llama Red Pajama. Anna Dewdney, $9.99 (ages 2-6)

Llama llama, red pajama

Reads a story, with his mama...

Look and Be Grateful. Tomie De Paola, $23.95 (ages 3-6)

In this meditative and joyful book by Caldecott Honor and Newbery Honor winner Tomie dePaola, a young boy awakens with the dawn, opens his eyes and looks closely at his world. He admires all that surrounds him, large and small, from the radiant sun to a tiny, but exquisite, lady bug.

Job Site. Nathan Clement, $9.95 (ages 2-5)

Bring in the big rigs! Shiny, huge, heavy machinery rolls onto the job site. At the command of the Boss, the work beings, Digging, lifting, carrying, dumping, moving, and shaping are important tasks to accomplish.

Panda Kindergarten. Joanne Ryder, photos by Katherine Feng, $9.99 (ages 2-5)

Follow a day in the life of the panda cubs at China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda at the Wolong Nature Preserve, the largest research facility for giant pandas in China. Cubs are raised together in a protected setting — dubbed panda kindergarten — where they grow strong and learn skills that will help prepare them to be released into the wild when they are older. With spare text by veteran nonfiction writer Joanne Ryder and irresistible full-color photographs by Katherine Feng, whose work has appeared in National Geographic, Panda Kindergarten will delight young readers as they learn more about these amazing creatures.

Bubblegum Delicious. Dennis Lee, illustrated by David McPhail, $19.99 (ages 3+)

This boisterous collection of schoolyard and street rhymes surprises the reader at every turn of the page, veering from silly, bouncy rhymes to poignant bedtime verse. The illustrated adventures of a boy, his beloved dog, and a winsome collection of bugs create cohesion and a satisfying visual narrative.

Home. Carson Ellis, $19.00 (ages 3-7)

Home might be a house in the country, an apartment in the city, or even a shoe. Home may be on the road or the sea, in the realm of myth, or in the artist's own studio. A meditation on the concept of home and a visual treat that invites many return visits, this loving look at the places where people live marks the picture-book debut of Carson Ellis, acclaimed illustrator of the Wildwood series and artist for the indie band The Decemberists.

A+ for Big Ben. Sarah Ellis, illustrated by Kim LaFave, $9.95 (ages 3-7)

His sister is a big kid in grade five. His brother is a big kid in grade three. Ben is a little kid in preschool. He can’t swim; he can’t use chopsticks; he can’t even see out of the car window. If only he could bring home a real report card like the older kids do, then Ben would be happy. But there are no report cards in preschool. Sometimes older siblings remember what it was like to be little, however, and Ben’s brother and sister are about to present Ben with his very own report card, grading him on all the activities that little brothers do best.

Wild Berries. Julie Flett, $21.95 (ages 3-7)

Celebrate the tradition of picking wild blueberries in this beautiful book, set in English and Cree, by Julie Flett.

Vegetables in Underwear. Jared Chapman, $16.95 (ages 3-7)

A bunch of friendly vegetables wear colorful underwear of all varieties — big, small, clean, dirty, serious, and funny — demonstrating for young ones the silliness and necessity of this item of clothing. The unexpectedness of vegetables in their unmentionables is enough to draw giggles, but the pride with which the “big kid” attire is flaunted in front of the baby carrots in diapers will tickle readers of all ages. With rhyming text that begs to be chanted aloud and art that looks good enough to eat, this vibrant story will encourage preschoolers to celebrate having left those diapers behind!

Sidewalk Flowers. Jon Arno Lawson & Sydney Smith, $16.95 (ages 3+)

In this wordless picture book, a little girl collects wildflowers while her distracted father pays her little attention. Each flower becomes a gift, and whether the gift is noticed or ignored, both giver and recipient are transformed by their encounter. Sidewalk Flowers is an ode to the importance of small things, small people and small gestures.

Alligator Pie Board Book. Dennis Lee, $13.99 (ages 3+)

A slice of Alligator Pie-sized for little ones! One of the best loved Canadian poems of all time, "Alligator Pie" established Dennis Lee's reputation as "Canada's Father Goose" when it appeared in his classic poetry collection of the same name in 1974. Now Lee's timeless rhyme is paired with striking artwork by Sandy Nichols, winner of a nationwide competition to find the perfect illustrator for the iconic poem. This special 40th anniversary board book will stand up to re-readings for years to come and is a must-have for every baby and preschooler's library.

Kumak's House: a Tale of the Far North. Michael Bania, $14.50 (ages 3-7)

At the edge of a great frozen river, Kumak and his family lived in their house by the willows. Though their house was warm and cozy, Kumak was not happy. His wife was not happy. His sons and daughters were not happy. His wife's mother was not happy. "Too small, this house," said Kumak. "I will go to see Aana Lulu. She will know what to do." Set in an Inupiat village in the northwest Arctic, Kumak treks again and again to elder Aana Lulu for advice. The book's charming illustrations incite laughter and introduce children to traditional Inupiat activities and animals of the Arctic.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Puck. Stella Partheniou Grasso & Scot Ritchie, $8.99 (ages 3-7)

This perfectly silly story follows the twists and turns of this outrageous hockey version of the classic rhyming song.

Let's Count to 100! Masayuki Sebe, $8.95 (ages 3-7)

A riot of brightly coloured characters and action-packed scenes make the number 100 more accessible for young children, while attention-grabbing search-and-find elements add another level of fun!

Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You. Nancy Tillman, $8.99 (ages 3-6)

Love is the greatest gift we have to give our children. It's the one thing they can carry with them each and every day.

If I Wrote a Book about You. Stephany Aulenback, illustrated by Denise Holmes, $18.95 (ages 3-7)

A mother's love for her child is beautifully and eloquently depicted in this simple, yet powerful book.

The Flea. Laurie Cohen & Marjorie Béal, $16.95 (ages 3-7)

The Flea is a tale of perspective that shows there's more than one way to look at someone!


Share. Sally Anne Garland, $16.95

When Bunny’s little cousin visits, her mother tells her over and over that she must share. But her cousin wants to do everything Bunny does. He wants to play with Bunny’s bear, but he pokes and pulls little Ted. He wants to play dress-up, but he spills Bunny’s beads all over the floor. Bunny tries to watch TV, but he blocks her view of the screen, and when Bunny tries to paint, he scribbles all over her artwork!

Grandmother Ptarmigan. Qaunaq Mikkagak & Joanne Schwartz, illustrated by Qin Leng, $13.95 (ages 3-7)

It’s bedtime for baby ptarmigan, but he will not go to sleep. So his grandmother decides to tell him a bedtime story that he will never forget.

ABC of Toronto. Per-Henrik Gürth, $15.95 (ages 2-6)

From the Art Gallery of Ontario to the Zoo, follow the alphabet on a colourful tour of Toronto!

Draw Here: an Activity Book. Hervé Tullet, $20.99 (ages 4-6)

With hours of creative play, Draw Here: An Activity Book features more than 135 pages brimming with activities for young readers to see things differently. From solving a maze, matching up similarly colored dots, or growing a whole village of dot people, this book is packed with hours of learning fun.

Experiment, play, and draw — but most of all, just have fun — inside and outside the box with this innovative activity book. Perfect for little hands, this interactive book brilliantly communicates the foundations of whimsical imagination to readers ages 4 to 6 years old.

The Game of Light. Hervé Tullet, $12.95 (ages 3+)

You'll need a grown-up's help to play this magical light-game. In the dark, use your torch to make flowers bloom of the ceiling and fish swim across the walls!

The Game of Shapes. Hervé Tullet, $12.95 (ages 3+)

Highly interactive book with die-cuts throughout that are ideal for developing visual awareness, creativity, and imagination. Featuring thick board pages that are perfect for little hands to hold and turn. Encourages young ones to exercise fine motor skills in the context of humour and play. From the hand and mind of Hervé Tullet, author of Press Here. 

Hervé Tullet's Ready, Set, Draw! A Game of Creativity and Imagination. Hervé Tullet, $20.99 (ages 3+)

From master of the imagination Hervé Tullet comes an irresistible package that makes drawing a fast-paced, non-competitive game of chance. Showcasing Tullet's signature bold colors and minimalist shapes and lines, this wildly graphic and highly intuitive card game will unlock every young (and old) artist's creative potential. Select what to draw from one deck and how to draw it from the other; then flick the colorful spinner wheel to randomize the options. From "draw a tree... with your eyes closed" to "draw flowers... upside down!," the combinations are endless — and endlessly fun!

Let's Play! Hervé Tullet, $19.99 (ages 3+)

It's only a yellow dot... but what a dot it is! Readers won't be able to resist this jaunty, adventurous dot, nor its invitation to play along. Thus begins a spectacular ride of color, motion, shape, and imagination, filled with the artistry and delight that we know and love so well from Press Here and Mix It Up! But on this journey, prepare to leap headlong into a completely new dimension: emotion. Connecting not only to the mind but also to the heart, this dot expresses an extraordinary sense of humor, fear, joy, and more as it pushes, lurches, wiggles, and slides its way through-and even off the pages of this glorious companion to Press Here and Mix It Up!

Mix It Up! Hervé Tullet, $22.99 (ages 3+)

Accept Hervé Tullet's irresistible invitation to mix it up in a dazzling adventure of whimsy and wonder. Follow the artist's simple instructions, and suddenly colors appear, mix, splatter, and vanish in a world powered only by the reader's imagination. Tullet prompts plenty of giggles in addition to a profound understanding of colors, and once again displays his unique genius and vision in a work that is a glorious and richly satisfying companion to Press Here.

PRESS HERE. Hervé Tullet, $22.99 (ages 3+)

This joyful and imaginative book is an absolute delight — for kids and adults alike!

Press Here: the Game.  Hervé Tullet, $36.99 (ages 3 to adult, 2 to 6 players)

The magic of the New York Times bestseller Press Here is now available in game form! Hervé Tullet has re-imagined his groundbreaking book in an entirely new dimension. Players take turns completing color sequences by placing red, blue, and yellow playing pieces on one of twenty-five fabulously designed game boards. What seems like a simple choice is likely to lead to animated discussion as players come to understand the visual logic at the heart of the game. With two levels of play to choose from-so that it's easy enough for a toddler to grasp, but also complex enough to challenge older siblings and adults, this engaging game delivers hours of entertainment for the whole family.

Say Zoop! Hervé Tullet, $21.99 (ages 3+)

Make some noise! Shout "OH!" Whisper "oh!" Say "Zoop"? Yes! "Zoop!" "Zoop!" "Zoop!" The newest book from Hervé Tullet magically responds with bursts of color and moving shapes, empowering children by letting their imaginations liberate and direct each page's reaction.

The Trail Game. Hervé Tullet, $12.95 (ages 3+)

Are you ready? Place your finger on ‘start’ and then follow the trail with the tip of your finger. You have to turn the pages and find the matching shapes in order to follow the right trail and get to the end. Off you go!

Love Waves. Rosemary Wells, $10.00 9ages 3-6)

Love waves are coming your way… flying through the air, around the corner, down the street — even from around the world!

I’m Bored. Michael Ian Black, illustrated by Debbie Ridpath Ohi, $19.99 (ages 3-7)

Just when a little girl thinks she couldn’t possibly be more bored, she stumbles upon a potato who turns the tables on her by declaring that children are boring. But this girl isn’t going to let a vegetable tell her what’s what, so she sets out to show the unimpressed potato all the amazing things kids can do. Too bad the potato is anything but interested!

Stuck. Oliver Jeffers, $11.99 (ages 3-7)

Floyd gets his kite stuck up a tree. He throws up his shoe to shift it, but that gets stuck too. So he throws up his other shoe and that got stuck, along with... a ladder, a pot of paint, the kitchen sink, an orangutan and a whale, amongst other things! Will Floyd ever get his kite back?

A Little Stuck. Oliver Jeffers, $12.99 (ages 2-5)

In this specially adapted board book edition of Oliver Jeffers’ laugh-out-loud classic, Stuck, Floyd gets his kite stuck up a tree. He throws up his shoe to shift it, but that gets stuck too. So he throws up his other shoe and that gets stuck, along with... a ladder, a pot of paint, the kitchen sink, an orang-utan and a whale, amongst other things! Will Floyd ever get his kite back?

In a Minute. Tony Bradman & Eileen Browne, $9.99 (ages 3-6)

Jo is eager to get to the playground in the park with her friend Sita and Patch the dog. But Mum and Dad take so long she thinks they’ll never get there!

Little Canada. Matt Napier, $11.95 (boardbook) (ages 2-4)

Lots of fun with rhyming riddles that take young readers from coast to coast.

Tickle Time! Sandra Boynton, $8.95 (ages 2-4)

If you're feeling blue and don't know what to do, there is nothing like tickle time to make you feel like new!

Happy. Mies Van Hout, $20.50 (ages 3-6)

Dive into this beautiful book and be swept along with some remarkable fish; from curious to sad; from shy to proud, and from angry to happy.

Crankenstein. Samantha Berger, illustrated Dan Santat, $9.99 9ages 3-7)

Beware of Crankenstein — a cranky kid who's a real grumpy monster!

Alfie's Feet. Shirley Hughes, $12.95 (ages 3-6)

Splish, splash, splosh! Alfie has new yellow boots that are perfect for walking through puddles and stomping in mud.

My New Preschool. Moira Butterfield & Estelle Corke, $11.99 (ages 3-5)

George feels shy on his first day of school but his friends soon help him to feel at home.

Stella, Fairy of the Forest. Marie-Louise Gay, $7.95 (ages 3-6)

Stella and her little brother Sam venture across the meadow and into the forest, in search of fairies and adventure.

The Busy Beaver. Nicholas Oldland, $8.99 (ages 3-7)

This light-hearted contemporary tale highlights the importance of taking care with others and the world around us.

Up the Creek. Nicholas Oldland, $16.95 (ages 3-7)

Bear, Moose and Beaver are the best of friends, though they often disagree. One day they decide to go canoeing and it’s one argument after another. That is, until they run into a series of rapids and have to work together in order to stay out of trouble!

Making the Moose Out of Life. Nicholas Oldland, $8.95 (ages 3-7)

This is the story of a mild-mannered moose who learns how to take life by the antlers. This moose may live in the wild, but he doesn't act it — he watches from the sidelines as his friends have fun. Every now and then, he wonders if he's missing out on anything. When the moose finally takes a chance and goes on a solo sailing trip, a raging storm carries him far from everything he knows. Will he curl up in a ball and cry, or make the most of it?

Walk On the Wild Side. Nicholas Oldland, $16.95 (ages 3-7)

There once was a bear, a moose and a beaver who loved adventure. But sometimes their competitive natures got in the way of having fun!

Without You. Geneviève Côté, $16.95 (ages 2-5)

After a falling out, two friends explore all the things they can do without each other … and discover that life is much sweeter when it’s shared with a friend.

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. Virginia Lee Burton, $10.99 (ages 3-7)

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel has been read to generations of children. Delighted by the inseparable duo and their friendship, children continue to love this classic story of ingenuity and hard work.

When Stella Was Very, Very Small. Marie-Louise Gay, $18.95 (ages 3-6)

Marie-Louise Gay has gone back in time to answer the questions often asked by the children who read and love her Stella books. Although she didn’t know what she would find when she started to explore Stella’s early years, Marie-Louise Gay soon realized that when Stella was very, very small, she saw the world in her own unique way — with wonder, curiosity and magic.

Homemade Love. bell hooks, illustrated by Shane Evans, $23.99 (ages 3-7)

"Always loved, Girlpie is the sweet, sweet centre of her parents' heart."

Without You. Geneviève Côté, $16.95 (ages 2-5)

After a falling out, two friends explore all the things they can do without each other … and discover that life is much sweeter when it’s shared with a friend.

Lola Loves Stories. Anna McQuinn & Rosalind Beardshaw, $7.95 (ages 3-7)

Lola and her Daddy love to go to the library together. Each night Lola reads a story and the next she acts it out. Lola becomes a fairy princess, a pilot, a farmer and a tiger!

Absolutely ONE Thing. Lauren Child, $24.00 (ages 3-7)

Sometimes, as a treat, Mom takes Charlie and Lola to the store and says they may choose one thing. “One thing to share?” Lola asks. No, it’s one thing each, explains Charlie, or two actual things between two. Lola is nine minutes late getting ready, and on the way, there are ladybugs and birds to count and maybe a squillion leaves on a tree. At the store, Lola says she’ll choose three things, or possibly two. “How about no things?” asks Mom. With Lola hilariously bending everyday numbers to her will, the math goes down easy in this charming picture book loaded with visual appeal. Count on Absolutely One Thing for a singularly funny look at simple math as encountered by Charlie and Lola.

Olivia. Ian Falconer, $19.95 (ages 3-7)

Olivia is a pig with attitude! Follow Olivia through her day, as she dresses up, dances, sings, paints on walls and takes a nap - sort of. Her exuberance is contagious. The illustrations are delightful and the story will leave everyone laughing. Also in board book format, $11.99.

Olivia Forms a Band. Ian Falconer, $19.95 (ages 3-7)

Everyone's favorite piglet is back! There are going to be fireworks tonight, and Olivia can hardly wait to hear the band. But then she finds out that there isn't going to be a band. How can there be fireworks without a band?! So Olivia decides to put a band together herself...all by herself.

Olivia Saves the Circus. Ian Falconer, $24.50 (ages 3-7)

Olivia remembers her trip to the circus very well…because all the performers were sick so she had to do everything herself!

Olivia…and the Missing Toy. Ian Falconer, $19.99 (ages 3-7)

"One day, Olivia was riding a camel in Egypt…" So begins the latest adventure of that most wonderful, imaginative pig, Olivia.

Olivia and the Fairy Princesses. Ian Falconer, $23.99 (ages 3-7)

Olivia likes to stand out, and she definitely marches to the beat of her own drum. So how will Olivia manage to be different from all her friends?

Olivia the Spy. Ian Falconer, $21.99 (ages 3-7)

Olivia’s birthday is days away. Plans must be made. Who makes plans? Moms! Who simply must know the plans? Olivia, who is NOT above eavesdropping. But when she not-so-accidentally-but-kinda overhears her mom talking about her not-so-squeaky-clean-and-possibly-very-bad-behavior, Olivia’s imagination runs wild... because it sounds like not only will there be no birthday, but Mom might just be sending her to military school instead. What a BAD birthday that would be!

OLIVIA Goes to Venice. Ian Falconer, $19.99 (ages 3-7)

Look where Olivia is headed now! Ciao, bella!!

Song On the Wind. Caroline Everson, illustrated by Anne Marie Bourgeois, $18.95 (ages 3-7)

This poetic story has universal appeal and spans time and distance with eloquent simplicity. In fourteen gentle stanzas, sleepy-eyed children throughout history draw comfort from bedtime tales and tender lullabies. Here, their innate curiosity about the world around them is satisfied by timeless music that drifts through centuries on the wind. Loving parents sing of white polar bears, northern lights, sea creatures, and woodland animals that dance under the stars and visit each child on the edge of sleep.

What Makes Us Unique? Our First Talk about Diversity. Jillian Roberts, illustrated by Cindy Revell, $19.95 (ages 3-6) 

When it comes to explaining physical, cultural and religious differences to children, it can be difficult to know where to begin. What Makes Us Unique? provides an accessible introduction to the concept of diversity, teaching children how to respect and celebrate people's differences and that ultimately, we are all much more alike than we are different. Additional questions at the back of the book allow for further discussion.

Once Upon an Alphabet: Short Stories for All the Letters. Oliver Jeffers, $26.99 (ages 3-5)

The letters of our alphabet work tirelessly to make words that in turn make stories, but what is there was a story FOR each of the letters instead? Turn the pages of this exquisite book to find out... Here you will discover twenty-six short stories introducing a host of new characters (plus the occasional familiar face). From Edmund the astronaut with his awkward fear of heights, via the dynamic new investigative due of the Owl and the Octopus, through to the Zeppelin that just might get Edmund a little bit closer to where he needs to be, this book is packed with funny, thrilling, perilous and above all entertaining tales inspired by every letter of the alphabet. 

The Underwear Book. Todd Parr, $7.99 (ages 3-6)

A surprising and silly book about underwear, THE UNDERWEAR BOOK, features such wisdom as "DO wear fancy underwear under your dress," and "DON'T hang upside down on the monkey bars." Illustrated with Todd Parr's trademark bold, bright colors and silly scenes!

Sam's Pet TEMPER. Sangeeta Bhadra & Marion Arbona, $18.95 (ages 3-7)

The hero of this picture book, Sam, has to wait for everything on the playground one day, and this makes him mad. Suddenly, an unusual thing appears. It runs around, shoving and tripping and pinching and stomping, until all the other children have run away. It was a Temper. At first, having a pet Temper is fun. But before long, the Temper starts causing trouble for Sam. And eventually, Sam comes to the realization that his Temper is something he needs to learn to control.

The Most Magnificent Thing. Ashley Spires, $16.95 (ages 3-7)

A young girl has a wonderful idea. She is going to make the most MAGNIFICENT thing! She knows just how it will look. She knows just how it will work. All she has to do is make it, and she makes things all the time. Easy-peasy! But making her magnificent thing is anything but easy, and the girl tries and fails, repeatedly. Eventually, the girl gets really, really mad. She is so mad, in fact, that she quits. But after her dog convinces her to take a walk, she comes back to her project with renewed enthusiasm and manages to get it just right. 

For the early grades' exploration of character education, this funny book offers a perfect example of the rewards of perseverance and creativity. The girl's frustration and anger are vividly depicted in the detailed art, and the story offers good options for dealing honestly with these feelings, while at the same time reassuring children that it's okay to make mistakes.

SPORK. Kyo Maclear & Isabelle Arsenault, $18.95 (ages 3-7)

His mum is a spoon, his dad is a fork and he’s a bit of both … he’s SPORK!

What We'll Build: Plans for Our Together Future. Oliver Jeffers, $28.95 (ages 3+)

What shall we build, you and I?
Let’s gather all our tools for a start.
For putting together...
and taking apart.

A father and daughter set about laying the foundations for their life together. Using their own special tools, they get to work, building memories to cherish, a home to keep them safe, and love to keep them warm. A rare and enduring story about a parent’s boundless love, life’s endless opportunities, and all we need to build a together future. From celebrated author-illustrator and visual artist Oliver Jeffers comes a gorgeously told father-daughter story and perfect picture book companion to Here We Are. The perfect baby shower gift or gift for new parents!

Two Drops of Brown in a Cloud of White. Saumiya Balasubramaniam, illustrated by Eva Campbell, $18.95 (ages 3-5)

A child’s joy on a snowy day finally helps her mother feel at home in their new countryA little girl and her mother walk home from school on a snowy winter day. “So much snow,” says Ma. “So monochromatic.” “Mono crow what?” her daughter replies.Ma misses the sun, warmth and colors of their faraway homeland, but her daughter sees magic in everything — the clouds in the winter sky, the “firework” display when she throws an armful of snow into the air, making snow angels, tasting snowflakes. And in the end, her joy is contagious. Home is where family is, after all.This gently layered, beautifully illustrated story unfolds as a conversation between a mother and daughter and will resonate with readers across generations.

Hug? Charlene Chua, $17.99 (ages 3-7) http://www.parentbooks.ca/images/tiny%20maple%20leaf.JPG

How many hugs is too many? This girl's had enough! This humorous picture book explores compassion and the importance of setting boundaries.

After coughing up a hairball, a girl's cat doesn't feel well. So the girl offers to give her cat a hug, which makes the cat — and the girl — feel better. A dog notices and asks for a hug, too. Then some ducks come along asking for hugs. And a skunk... and a bear — and a porcupine! One animal after another comes asking the girl for a hug until she's simply had enough. How much more of this can she take?

Going Up! Sherry Lee, illustrated by Charlene Chua, $19.99 (ages 3-7) http://www.parentbooks.ca/images/tiny%20maple%20leaf.JPG

Today is Olive's birthday party, and Sophie and her dad have baked cookies. Sophie's dad holds the platter so Sophie can push the elevator button for the tenth floor. But on the way up, the elevator stops to let the Santucci brothers get on. Then on the next floor, Vicky, Babs and their dog, Norman, get in. And as the elevator ascends, it keeps stopping, and more neighbors squeeze in to the crowded space: the Habibs, the Flores family, Mr. Kwan, Vi Tweedle with her Chihuahua, Minx. Everyone is going to the party!

Playfully combining the excitement and anticipation of a party with children's universal love of riding in elevators, Sherry J. Lee's picture book story is ultimately about community and a sense of belonging. With characters from many cultural backgrounds, it showcases the everyday diversity that many urban children experience. Charlene Chua's illustrations provide loads of funny details and visual narratives that aren't in the text, making for a multilayered reading experience. The book's tall, narrow trim size adds to the effect of the rising elevator.

You and Me Both. Mahtab Narsimhan & Lisa Cinar, $18.95 (ages 3-6) http://www.parentbooks.ca/images/tiny%20maple%20leaf.JPG

This is the story of two classmates who love all the same things: building tall block towers and knocking them down; strawberry jam on toast; jumping into big puddles in their matching boots. The narrator and his best friend, Jamal, might as well be twins — they have so much in common! And they always stick together. When Jamal gets a haircut, his best friend gets his cut the same way. They’re sure their teacher will never be able to tell them apart. The vibrant, playful illustrations eventually reveal that the boys each have a different skin color.

Inspired by a true story that went viral on social media, about two boys with different skin colors who got the same haircut thinking it would make them identical, this is a joyful story about friendship, diversity, and how the things we share are more than skin-deep.

The Girl and the Wolf. Katherena Vermette, illustrated by Julie Flett, $19.95 (ages 3-5)

While picking berries with her mother, a little girl wanders too far into the woods. When she realizes she is lost, she begins to panic. A large grey wolf makes a sudden appearance between some distant trees. Using his sense of smell, he determines where she came from and decides to help her. Through a series of questions from the wolf, the little girl realizes she had the knowledge and skill to navigate herself — she just needed to remember that those abilities were there all along.

Go Fish: a 3-in-1 Card Deck. Oliver Jeffers, $17.50 (ages 3 and up)

The absurdly adorable art from the New York Times bestselling picture book Stuck turns a game of Go Fish into irresistible fun for kids and parents alike!

Do you have any kites? Do you have any Floyds? Any curious whales?

This deck of oversized, kid-friendly cards is a sure-fire way to induce family fun, especially for fans of award-winning children's book author and illustrator Oliver Jeffers. A hefty cardstock box holds this deck of 52 playing cards (plus two instruction cards) each of which is sized perfectly for little hands. With a flip-top lid and Velcro closure, the package is easily portable for any and every game-playing moment. In addition to playing Go Fish, players will also get the instructions for two bonus games: Concentration (a memory game) and Snap (a kid-friendly card game that's similar to Slapjack).

The Hike. Alison Farrell, $25.50 (ages 3-6)

The Hike is a plucky and sweet adventure story about three intrepid young female explorers set out to conquer the outdoors in their local forest. Here is the best and worst of any hike: from picnics to puffing and panting, deer-sighting to detours. The Hike is about how fun it can be to explore nature in your own backyard. This book is a must-have for budding scientists, best friends, and all adventurers in preschool and kindergarten.

The I'm Not Scared Book. Todd Parr, $12.99  (ages 3-6)

Face your fears and declare, "I'm Not Scared!!"

Todd Parr has inspired and empowered children around the world with his bold images and positive messages.

The Cars and Trucks Book. Todd Parr, $23.49  (ages 3-5)

In a fun collection of silly images of cars, trucks, and the occasional bus, Todd explores all of the ways vehicles have an impact on our daily lives, while weaving in messages about positivity, the environment, and safety. Readers will laugh along with the whole four-wheeled gang!

The Kindness Book. Todd Parr, $23.49 (ages 3-6)

With his trademark bright colors and bold lines, Todd Parr takes on a topic more important than ever: being kind to each other. This idea is both a perfect fit for Todd's cheerful, child-friendly positivity and incredibly close to Todd's own heart. No matter what other people choose to do, you can always choose to be kind — and what a wonderful thing to be! Today's parents and teachers are looking for ways to instill empathy and kindness in children at a young age. This book is the perfect introduction to a timely and timeless topic.

Physics Animated. Tyler Jorden, illustrated by Elsa Martins, $21.99 (ages 3-6)

Engage with Newton on gravity and explore mass, lift, friction, and other amazing laws of physics with the most exciting and interactive physics book available for your little genius! With explanations and real-life examples of Newton's Three Laws, this interactive board book invites children to pull the levers, turn the wheels, and watch as an airplane lifts off, a roller coaster zooms around a loop, and a boat floats. Each concept is animated and interactive to introduce and explore some of most important aspects of our physical world. Kids will delight in seeing centripetal force, inertia, thrust, and more come to life. A perfect tool for instructing and inspiring little physicists of all ages.

Imagination Vacation. Jami Gigot, $22.99 (ages 3-5)

Sam has a very busy family. Mom works late; Dad’s projects pile up. Even Sam’s younger sister Marla is always doing something. Everyone in Sam’s family has their own idea of what the perfect vacation would look like. But there’s one thing they all agree on: they just can’t get away right now. So Sam comes up with a different kind of getaway. With a little planning, a few supplies, and a touch of creativity, she finds that her family’s dream vacation wasn’t so far away after all.

Under Our Clothes: Our First Talk About Our Bodies. Jillian Roberts, illustrations by Jane Heinrichs, $19.95 (ages 6-8)

This illustrated nonfiction picture book by child psychologist Dr. Jillian Roberts introduces children to the topics of bodies, body safety and body image through a conversation-based story that begins with an observation at the community pool. Modesty, privacy and boundaries are discussed, along with how self-image is formed and how some people are more sensitive than others — sometimes at different stages in their lives. Relevant themes around body shaming, body positivity and self-esteem building are explored, with a final call to action empowering children to build their own confidence and speak up when something doesn't feel right.

My Mommy, My Mama, My Brother, and Me — These are the Things We Found By the Sea. Natalie Meisner, illustrated by Mathilde Cinq-Mars, $22.95 (ages 3-7)

With this gentle refrain, the debut picture book from celebrated author and playwright Natalie Meisner (Double Pregnant) reflects on her own two-mom, two-son family's early days growing up in Lockeport, Nova Scotia.

Living by the sea offers myriad charms for the two young brothers in this poetic ode to beachcombing. When the fog disappears, the path to the beach beckons, with all the treasures it leaves behind: lobster traps, buoys, fused glass, urchins, a note in a bottle. But best of all is all the neighbours they meet along the way. An unforgettable instant classic for families of all shapes and sizes. Featuring glorious watercolours by Mathilde Cinq-Mars, which capture the warmth and magic of time spent with family by the sea.

The Pigeon HAS to Go to School! Mo Willems, $17.99 (ages 3-5)

Why does the Pigeon have to go to school? He already knows everything! And what if he doesn't like it? What if the teacher doesn't like him? What if he learns TOO MUCH!?!

Ask not for whom the school bell rings; it rings for the Pigeon!

Classic Munsch MOODS. Robert Munsch, illustrated by Michael Martchenko, $13.99 (ages 2-5)

Your favorite Classic Munsch characters are back, here to help young Munsch fans understand and articulate their feelings. Elizabeth and other familiar friends are joined by new faces to demonstrate the wonderful range of emotions we can experience in a day.

Oliver Button is a Sissy. Tomie DePaola, $10.99 (ages 3-6)

Oliver Button is a sissy. At least that’s what the other boys call him. But here’s what Oliver Button really is: a reader, and an artist, and a singer, and a dancer, and more.

What will his classmates say when he steps into the spotlight?

Me, Toma and the Concrete Garden. Andrew Larsen & Anne Villeneuve, $18.99 (ages 3-7)

Vincent is staying with his aunt Mimi for the summer while his mom recuperates from surgery. Mimi's drab city neighborhood, complete with an empty dirt lot across the street, doesn't seem too promising. But then Vincent meets Toma, a boy who lives nearby, and things start looking up. Mimi has a mysterious box of "dirt balls" in her apartment. When she asks Vincent to get rid of them, the fun Vincent and Toma have throwing them into the lot becomes the start of a budding friendship. Then one day, they notice new shoots sprouting all over the lot. Maybe those balls weren't just made of dirt after all!

My Cat Looks Like My Dad. Thao Lam, $19.95 (ages 3-6)

Minimal text paired with bright paper-collage illustrations create comparisons on each spread in which the narrator talks about their family — especially the striking similarities between Dad and the cat. Both have orange hair, love milk, start their days with stretches, appreciate a good nap, and are brave (some of the time). The narrator is more like Mom, with wild hair, blue eyes, and a love of dancing.

A surprising twist at the end reveals the narrator’s unexpected identity, also hinted at with clues in the art throughout the book. Warmth and whimsy in the illustrations add a playful balance to the story’s deeper message about the love that makes a family a unit, no matter how unusual it may look from the outside.

The Invisible Garden. Marianne Ferrer & Valérie Picard, $19.95 (ages 3-6)

A young girl and her family travel from the city to the country to celebrate her grandmother's birthday. Someone suggests that Arianne, as the only child at the party, might enjoy exploring the garden more than listening to the adults chat. Arianne is unsure what to do in the quiet garden, and she soon lies down out of boredom. But then she spots a pebble... and a grasshopper... and flies away on a dandelion seed pod into the cosmos as she discovers the freedom of her imagination.

With very little text, this book lets the illustrations tell the charming story of a child carried away into a world much bigger than herself.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: the Poetry of Mr. Rogers. Lyrics by Fred Rogers, illustrations by Luke Flowers, $19.99 (ages 3-6)

For the first time ever, 75 beloved songs from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and The Children's Corner are collected in this charmingly illustrated treasury, sure to be cherished by generations of children as well as the millions of adults who grew up with Mister Rogers.

From funny to sweet, silly to sincere, the lyrics of Mister Rogers explore such universal topics as feelings, new siblings, everyday life, imagination, and more. Through these songs — as well as endearing puppets and honest conversations — Mister Rogers instilled in his young viewers the values of kindness, self-awareness, and self-esteem. But most of all, he taught children that they are loved, just as they are. Perfect for bedtime, sing-along, or quiet time alone, this beautiful book of meaningful poetry is for every child — including the child inside of every one of us.

The Silence Slips In. Alison Hughes & Ninon Pelletier, $19.95 (ages 3-5)

When the party's over and the baby finally falls asleep, when the dog is all barked out and the screens are dark, the Silence pads in on soft, furry feet. A warm, comforting presence, the Silence curls up in a sun-beam like a cuddly cat and helps you read, think and be still. The Silence is friends with the Dark. Together they soothe the jagged edges left when the Noise has rolled on and gently launch the boats of your dreams into the night. When the day becomes overwhelming or other feelings become too big, the Silence slips in.

With soft illustrations and soothing text, this is a quiet story about learning to find calm in the busy world around you.

Gifts. Jo Ellen Bogart & Barbara Reid, $8.99 (ages 3-7)

When Grandma heads out for adventure she asks her granddaughter what she should bring back.

The creative response and remarkable fulfillment are delivered through clever rhyme and magical illustrations in this lovely cross-generational story.

When You're Scared. Andrée Poulin, illustrated by Véronique Joffre, $19.95 (ages 3-7)

It’s a bright and beautiful day at the lake where a boy and his mother are camping. The boy is just a little scared of jumping into the water. At the same time, not too far away, a hungry bear cub is a little scared of diving deep into a dumpster, where tasty snacks await. Later, when the boy encounters a distraught mama bear sniffing around the dumpster, he’s very scared. But so is her bear cub, who is trapped inside! Parallel stories of the mother and son, and mama and cub, come together when the campers, despite being scared, help rescue the cub from the dumpster.

This simple, moving story invites readers to observe expressions, body language, and details hidden in the illustrations to follow the narrative. It’s a sweet read that normalizes fear and encourages acting with courage and compassion—even when you’re scared.

Loving Hands. Tony Johnston, illustrated by Amy June Bates, $21.99 (ages 4-6)

Hands wave hello, hands hold, hands heal. Hands say, I am here for you always. In simple, stirring rhymes, author Tony Johnston pens a timeless ode to parenthood. The small moments and quiet scenes that make up childhood — learning to clap, planting a garden, waving good-bye on the first day of school — fill the pages of this gentle tale, capturing the reassurance and love that parents hand their children every day. Warm illustrations by Amy June Bates show a young boy reaching for his mother’s hand as he grows older and more independent... until, perhaps, he can be the one to offer love and support with hands that say, I am here for you always. An eloquent look at the passage of time and the power of connection and care, this book is a heartfelt gift for loved ones at any and all milestones in life.

Little Owl's Snow. Divya Srinivasan, $22.50 (ages 3-5)

"Winter's almost here!" says Little Owl, as he observes leaves falling, animal friends hibernating, and a chill from his feathers to his feet. And just as he and his friend racoon are watching their breath make fog in the cold air, it happens: Snow! Here is the perfect follow-up to Little Owl's Night and Little Owl's Day, and a wonderful introduction to the changing of the seasons!

Feelings: Inside My Heart and In My Head. Libby Walden, illustrated by Richard Jones, $16.99 (ages 2-5)

Explore the world of emotions with this stunning peek-through book. Lyrical text and enchanting illustrations bring each emotion to life to help children understand the universal and unique nature of feelings.

More Blueberries! Susan Musgrave, illustrations by Esperança Melo, $6.95 (ages 3-5)

These young twins can't get enough of their favorite snack — and they aren't the only ones! With playful rhyming text from award-winning poet Susan Musgrave and gorgeous illustrations by Esperança Melo, this exuberant book will delight little ones and have everyone happily shouting, "More blueberries!"

Drawn Together. Minh Lê, illustrated by Dan Santat, $18.99  (ages 3-5)

When a young boy visits his grandfather, their lack of a common language leads to confusion, frustration, and silence. But as they sit down to draw together, something magical happens — with a shared love of art and storytelling, the two form a bond that goes beyond words.

One Day, Many Ways: a Day in the Life of Over 40 Children around the World. Laura Hall, illustrated by Loris Lora, $27.99 (ages 2-5)

Discover what daily life is like for kids all around the world! Meet children from over 40 countries and explore the differences and similarities between their daily routines. Over 24 hours, follow a wide variety of children as they wake up, eat, go to school, play, talk, learn, and go about their everyday routine in this stunning retro-style illustrated picture book that celebrates different cultures.

In the Middle of Fall. Kevin Henke, illustrated by Laura Dronzek, $21.99 (ages 4-7)

In the middle of fall, it takes only one gust of wind to turn the whole world yellow and red and orange. Kevin Henkes’s striking text introduces basic concepts of language and the unique beauty of the fall season. Laura Dronzek’s expressive paintings illuminate pumpkins, apples, falling leaves, busy squirrels, and the transformation from colorful autumn to frosty winter.

A Good Day for Ducks. Jane Whittingham, illustrated by Noel Tuazon, $17.95 (ages 4-7)

Rain is falling, and these siblings know just how to enjoy it: raincoats, rubber boots, puddle jumping, swimming ducks, and wiggling worms! A thunderstorm sends the children scrambling for home and a cup of hot cocoa. Maybe it will rain again tomorrow!

Fox and Squirrel Help Out. Ruth Ohi, $16.99 (ages 2-6)

When a baby bat drops in from out of the sky, Fox is immediately taken with the soft, sweet creature and rushes to take care of it. Squirrel is less sure this is a welcome intrusion. The new squeaky stranger can't keep up with all their favourite activities and doesn't seem to realize how fun Squirrel can be. Can Fox and Squirrel come together to figure out what Squeak needs?

First Laugh Welcome, Baby! Rose Ann Tahe, Nancy Bo Flood, illustrated by Jonathan Nelson, $19.99 (ages 2-5)

In Navajo families, the first person to make a new baby laugh hosts the child's First Laugh Ceremony. Who will earn the honor in this story?

The First Laugh Ceremony is a celebration held to welcome a new member of the community. As everyone — from Baby's nima (mom) to nadi (big sister) to cheii (grandfather) — tries to elicit the joyous sound from Baby, readers are introduced to details about Navajo life and the Navajo names for family members. Back matter includes information about other cultural ceremonies that welcome new babies and children, including man yue celebration (China), sanskaras (Hindu) and aquiqa (Muslim).

Splish, Splash, Foxes Dash! Canadian Wildlife In Colour. Geraldo Valério, $18.95 (ages 2-5)

Here they come... orange foxes, blue whales, red cardinals, and many more Canadian animals in colour!

From the familiar black bears breakfasting in a bed of berries, to the more exotic purple sea stars stretching and pink prawns pirouetting, young readers will love discovering wildlife from a mix of environments including land, sea, and sky.

I Belong:a Book About Being Part of a Family and a Group. Cheri Meiners, illustrated by Penny Weber, $12.99 (ages 2-4)

I have a place I always belong. People in my family listen and help me. A sense of belonging is a basic human need. This friendly, reassuring board book shows toddlers what it means to belong at home and in a group. I belong with my friends, too. There's a place for me to fit in. Children see that they have safe places where they feel loved and where they talk, play, share — and help others belong, too. Warm, realistic illustrations illuminate the text, showing children with family and friends eating, playing, making music, and working together. Belonging feels so good! I want to help others feel good, too.

The Night Lion. Sanne Dufft, $17.95 (ages 3-5)

Morgan feels big and strong during the day with a tall hat and toy sword. But at night, when Morgan dreams that a robber is coming through the woods to take these precious possessions, all of Mom's assurances that "there is no robber" are not enough to ease the bedtime fears. Then Nana brings Morgan a stuffed toy lion, because everybody needs a lion sometimes. That night, Morgan rides a life-sized Night Lion into the woods and together they drive the robber far away.

Comforting watercolour illustrations soothe any scary scenes, and the magical Night Lion will find an instant welcome in young readers' hearts.

I Feel. Cheri Meiners, illustrated by Penny Weber, $12.99 (ages 2-4)

This reassuring book helps young children identify and understand emotions in terms of up feelings (like happy and loved) and down feelings (like sad and afraid). With straightforward words and warm illustrations, the book guides children to recognize that feelings change and that their own actions can often make a difference in how they feel. When their feelings are too big for them, children can ask for help, talk about things, spend some quiet time... or help someone else.

Julián at the Wedding. Jessica Love, $22.99 (ages 3-6)

Julián and his abuela are going to a wedding. Better yet, Julián is in the wedding. Weddings have flowers and kissing and dancing and cake. And this wedding also has a new friend named Marisol. It’s not long before Julián and Marisol set off for some magic and mischief of their own, and when things take an unexpected turn, the pair learns that everything is easier with a good friend by your side. Jessica Love returns with a joyful story of friendship and individuality in this radiant follow-up to Julián Is a Mermaid.

Julián Is a Mermaid. Jessica Love, $22.99 (ages 3-6)

While riding the subway home from the pool with his abuela one day, Julián notices three women spectacularly dressed up. Their hair billows in brilliant hues, their dresses end in fishtails, and their joy fills the train car. When Julián gets home, daydreaming of the magic he’s seen, all he can think about is dressing up just like the ladies in his own fabulous mermaid costume: a butter-yellow curtain for his tail, the fronds of a potted fern for his headdress. But what will Abuela think about the mess he makes — land even more importantly, what will she think about how Julián sees himself? Mesmerizing and full of heart, Jessica Love’s author-illustrator debut is a jubilant picture of self-love and a radiant celebration of individuality.

Daddy, Me, and the Magic Hour. Laura Kraus Melmed, illustrated by Sarita Rich, $25.99 (ages 3-6)

After getting home for the day and having dinner, a young boy is ready for some special time outside with his father. It's the Magic Hour, when the sun is going down and day meets night. As Daddy and son walk to the playground for some lively fun, they see their neighbors going through their evening rituals — watering plants, walking dogs, going for a run. As darkness sets in, Daddy and son quiet down and find fireflies, then make their way home to Mommy and bedtime.

Gentle art with a soft color palette perfectly complements the text and captures the in-between time of day. Dads and kids will love this sweet celebration of time spent together.

The Bagel King. Andrew Larsen, $18.99 (ages 3-7)

Every Sunday morning, no matter the weather, Eli could count on Zaida to bring bagels from Merv's Bakery. Eli loved the time they spent together enjoying their favorite treats. Eli thought bagels were the best thing about Sunday. But one Sunday, Zaida didn't come. He had fallen at Merv's and hurt his tuches, and the doctor said Zaida had to rest at home for two whole weeks!

Award-winning author Andrew Larsen's picture book story offers a gently humorous take on the special bond between a boy and his grandfather and the simple ritual that looms so large in their lives. It also highlights a terrific character education lesson about how a young child can take responsibility and, with a little initiative, help a family member in need.

Forever or a Day. Sarah Jacoby, $22.99 (ages 3-6)

This gorgeous picture book is a conversation between parent and child across the course of a single day, a celebration of cherished moments with loved ones that is at once simple, profound, and truly beautiful.


Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets: a Muslim Book of Shapes. Hena Khan, illustrated by Mehrdokht Amini, $24.99 (ages 3-6)

From a crescent moon to a square garden to an octagonal fountain, this breathtaking picture book celebrates the shapes — and traditions — of the Muslim world. Sure to inspire questions and observations about world religions and cultures, Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets is equally at home in a classroom reading circle and on a parent's lap being read to a child.

I Really Want to See You, Grandma. Taro Gomi, $22.99 (ages 3-6)

Yumi and her grandmother have the same great idea: They want to see each other. So they each head out to do just that, only to completely miss each other along the way! No problem — they'll just head back home and wait for the other to return. The trouble is that they have the same great idea — again — resulting in the ultimate missed connection! Will this duo ever find each other? An action-packed story that sweetly, and humorously, celebrates the powerful grandparent-child bond.

Little Brothers & Little Sisters. Monica Arnaldo, $18.95 (ages 3-7)

Little sisters and little brothers all long for the same few things when it comes to their older siblings: a turn to play, a place on the team, a chance to shine. This book starts with four pairs of siblings in and around an apartment complex, each expressing through play and daily life the many gripes and pitfalls of younger siblings.

Subtly, the narrative shifts to reflect the good things that come with having an older sibling: a helping hand, a partner in crime, a friend for life. The book ends on a high note — when it comes to brothers and sisters, the good outweighs the bad, and both big and little siblings have a special place in each others’ hearts. Minimal text paired with impressionistic, full-spread illustrations creates weight and emotion in this lovely book that will help kids feel understood in all the pains and joys of siblinghood.

BLUE RIDER. Geraldo Valério, $19.95

On a gray and crowded city sidewalk, a child discovers a book. That evening, the child begins to read and is immediately carried beyond the repetitive sameness of an urban skyscape into an untamed natural landscape. The child experiences a moment of true joy, and as if in response to that single blissful moment, people seem to come alive in all the other rooms of the apartment block. Thanks to the power of one book, an entire society is transformed.

The Rabbit Listened. Cori Doerrfeld, $23.99 (ages 3-5)

When something terrible happens, Taylor doesn't know where to turn. All the animals are sure they have the answer. The chicken wants to talk it out, but Taylor doesn't feel like chatting. The bear thinks Taylor should get angry, but that's not quite right either. One by one, the animals try to tell Taylor how to process this loss, and one by one they fail. Then the rabbit arrives. All the rabbit does is listen, which is just what Taylor needs.

Whether read in the wake of tragedy or as a primer for comforting others, this is a deeply moving and unforgettable story sure to soothe heartache of all sizes.

Sugar and Snails. Sarah Tsiang & Sonja Wimmer, $21.95 (ages 3-7)

Who says that little girls are made of “sugar and spice and everything nice”? Or that boys are made of “frogs and snails and puppy dog tails”? What if girls were made of “boats and snails and dinosaur tails”? And little boys of “flowers and swings and bumblebee wings”?

When the traditional rhyme just doesn’t seem to fit the boy and girl visiting their grandpa, he comes up with a list of unusual alternatives. Soon the children are coming up with their own versions that challenge the old stereotypes with a whimsical list of ingredients. To add to the new quirky version are lively illustrations that beautifully capture the children’s imaginative flights of fancy.

Numbers. Katie Wilson, $12.99 (ages 3-6)

Count from one to ten as you lift the flaps to explore the ocean and discover fun sea animal facts along the way. Little ones adore reading and interacting with this experiential book made just for them.

Seasons. Katie Wilson, $12.99 (ages 3-6)

Explore the seasons and some of the unique features each one has to offer. Little hands will love turning the interactive wheel to learn more about spring, summer, fall, and winter in this charming early learning guide. Applying the tactile features of Montessori teaching, this innovative board book is a unique addition to an early learning collection.

The Boy Who Lost His Bumble. Trudi Esberger, $9.99 (ages 3-6)

The boy in this debut picture book is fascinated by the bees in his garden, and is puzzled and saddened when they disappear one rainy day. What can have caused them to leave, and is there anything he can do to get his bumble back? Nothing he tries is successful, but things start to look a little brighter with the arrival of Spring. A gentle, quirky introduction to the cycles of nature, with an important and highly topical message about the value of bees to our world.

A Bear Hug at Bedtime. Jana Novotny Hunter, illustrated by Kay Widdowson, $9.99 (ages 3-7)

This is a delightful picture book with appealing illustrations and a gentle story about the power of the imagination and the fun of play. Featuring a highly inclusive cast of characters, including an extended, mixed race family and a protagonist who uses a hearing aid.

Middle Bear. Susanna Isern, illustrated by Manon Gauthier, $18.99 (ages 3-7)

He was the second of three brothers. “He was not big, but he was not small, either. Neither strong nor weak, neither tall nor short, neither a lot nor a little... He was the middle one.” Everything about life with his brothers was middle-sized. And when you're always in the middle, sometimes it's hard to feel special. But then, one day the cubs' parents fell ill, and their mother asked them to fetch some medicinal bark from a willow tree on the top of a mountain. When it turned out that this very important task could only be done by a cub of his middle size, he finally realized how special it was to be the middle one.

Love the World. Todd Parr, $23.49 (ages 3-6)

A celebration of love, respect, peace, and unity.

Picture the Sky. Barbara Reid, $19.99 (ages 3-7)

There is more than one way to picture the sky. The sky tells many stories: in the clouds, in the stars, in the imagination. In lyrical text and brilliantly coloured illustrations, renowned artist Barbara Reid brings her unique vision to the sky above us and around us, in all its moods. Picture the sky. How do you feel?

Federica. Scot Ritchie, $16.95 (ages 3-7)

Federica’s busy family can’t keep their house clean! To get away from the buzzy, buggy mess, she escapes to the peaceful park where she can spend time with her animal friends…which gives her an idea. She brings home sheep and goats, spiders and dragonflies, a toad, an owl, and some raccoons. Then she takes her family to the park for a picnic, and while they’re gone, the animals chomp the overgrown grass in the backyard, eat the garbage and catch the pesky bugs overrunning the house. After a peaceful afternoon at the park, Federica’s family comes home to a clean house — and raccoons doing the dishes!

The Tiny Tale of Little Pea. Davide Cali & Sébastien Mourrain, $18.99 (ages 3-7)

When he was born, Little Pea was tiny. Teeny-tiny. His clothes were hand sewn by his mother and his shoes were hand-me-down doll shoes. As he grew older, Little Pea enjoyed climbing tomato plants, driving around in his wind-up car and riding on the backs of grasshoppers. But then Little Pea started school. And he suddenly realized just how small he was. Too small for his chair. Too small to play the flute. Too small for gym class. What would become of wee Little Pea?

Baking with Dad. Aurora Cacciapuoti, $9.99 (ages 3-7)

When dad decides it's baking day, be prepared for creative chaos! From choosing the recipe and sorting the ingredients, to storing the mix and baking in the oven, each moment is full of surprises! Follow this comical, culinary adventure to discover what they are baking and who will be there to eat it!

Up and Up. Shirley Hughes, $14.99(ages 3-7)

Follow the adventures of a little girl whose dream of flying comes true in this stunning story by Shirley Hughes. The illustrations are packed with detail and wordless pages encourage children to engage with the story in a different way.

You're Here for a Reason. Nancy Tillman, $20.50 (ages 3-5)

You're Here for a Reason, from national-bestselling and beloved author Nancy Tillman, takes a universal truth and makes it accessible for readers young and old. Not only are we loved, but we also matter. In this tender and timeless read-along book, Tillman reminds us of this message in beautiful illustrations as children and animals interact with acts of kindness.

I Am Canada: a Celebration. Heather Atkinson, $19.99 (ages 3-7)

I Am Canada: A Celebration is a beautiful picture book featuring artwork by Canada’s finest illustrators — a true-north tribute to our nation and its children, from coast to coast to coast!

Simple text describes the ample space available to our children in this country, and the freedom they have to grow and dream and share. With artwork from 13 of Canada’s finest illustrators, each page is a celebration and a reminder of the infinite variety of our home and native land.

Many Moons. Rémi Courgeon, $21.95 (ages 3-6)

Many Moons explores the different phases of the moon, from the new moon to a waning crescent, through beautiful, bright illustrations. Each spread features a specific phase of the moon, and compares it to different shapes, such as a cat's tail, a banana, and a brilliant smile. Many Moons introduces young children to basic astronomy, and is sure to instill a sense of curiosity about the world and the universe.

Little Blue Chair. Cary Fagan, illustrated by Madeline Kloepper, $22.99 (ages 3-7)

Boo’s favorite chair is little and blue. He sits in it, reads in it and makes a tent around it... until the day he grows too big for it. His mother puts the little blue chair out on the lawn where a truck driver picks it up. The truck driver sells it to a lady in a junk store where it sits for many years until it’s sold and put to use as a plant stand. In the years that follow, the little blue chair is used in many other ways — on an elephant ride, in a contest, on a Ferris wheel, in a tree... until the day it flies away, borne aloft by balloons, and lands in a garden of daffodils where a familiar face finds it.

Good Morning Grumple. Victoria Allenby, illstrated by Manon Gauthier, $15.95 (ages 3-6)

Not every child greets the new day with enthusiasm. Those who don’t are called Grumples, and they must be dealt with carefully. Sing very softly, tickle one pinky toe, kiss the scrunched-up forehead. And then a big hug and a singing rhyme to see in the day. Even Grumples cannot resist.

Today I Feel... an Alphabet of Feelings. Madalena Moniz, $18.95 (ages 3-7)

Today I Feel... follows a child through a whole range of emotions, from adored to curious to strong. Not all of the emotions are positive and not all of them are simple, but they are all honest and worthy of discussion with a young child.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be. Emily Winfield Martin, $21.00 (ages 3-5)

With beautiful, and sometimes humorous, illustrations, and a clever gatefold with kids in costumes, this is a book grown-ups will love reading over and over to kids — both young and old. A great gift for any occasion, but a special stand-out for baby showers, birthdays, and graduation. The Wonderful Things You Will Be has a loving and truthful message that will endure for lifetimes.

Our Very Own Dog. Amanda McCardie, illustrated by Salvatore Rubbino, $22.00 (ages 3-7)

If you have a new dog companion — or want to adopt one — here’s a story full of facts that tells you everything you need to know.

There’s nothing more exciting than getting a dog! Join Sophie’s new human family as they prepare their home for her and introduce her to life as a beloved pet. Follow along as they learn about bedding and bowls, treats and training, walks and washing — and even an unexpected dog show! Factual notes run alongside the simple story, offering tips that will help turn tentative dog adopters into doting experts.

Best In Snow. April Pulley Sayre, $23.99 (ages 3-7)

With gorgeous photo illustrations, award-winning author April Pulley Sayre sheds sparkly new light on the wonders of snow. From the beauty of snow blanketing the forest and falling on animals’ fur and feathers to the fascinating winter water cycle, this nonfiction picture book celebrates snowfall and the amazing science behind it.

Max and the Tag-along Moon. Floyd Cooper, $9.99 (ages 3-7)

Max loves his grandpa. When they must say good-bye after a visit, Grandpa promises Max that the moon at Grandpa’s house is the same moon that will follow him all the way home. On that swervy-curvy car ride back to his house, Max watches as the moon tags along. But when the sky darkens and the moon disappears behind clouds, he worries that it didn’t follow him home after all. Where did the moon go — and what about Grandpa’s promise?

Raindrops Roll. April Pulley Sayre, $21.99 (ages 3-7)

Raindrops drop. They plop. They patter. They spatter. And in the process, they make the whole world feel fresh and new and clean. In this gorgeously photo-illustrated nonfiction picture book, celebrated author April Pulley Sayre sheds new light on the wonders of rain, from the beauty of a raindrop balanced on a leaf to the amazing, never-ending water cycle that keeps our planet in perfect ecological balance.

School's First Day of School. Adam Rex, illustrated by Christian Robinson, $24.99 (ages 3-7)

It's the first day of school at Frederick Douglass Elementary and everyone's just a little bit nervous, especially the school itself. What will the children do once they come? Will they like the school? Will they be nice to him? The school has a rough start, but as the day goes on, he soon recovers when he sees that he's not the only one going through first-day jitters.

ABC DREAM. Kim Krans, $21.99 (ages 3-6)

This stunning and innovative alphabet picture book will dazzle little ones and engage the adults who share it with them! Each page is dedicated to a letter, and clever alliterations are packed into each ink-and-watercolor spread.

123 DREAM. Kim Krans, $21.99 (ages 3-6)

In this companion to ABC Dream, Kim Krans elevates the simple activity of counting with pen-and-ink drawings of unusual animals and scenes of natural beauty. Delicate watercolor accents, an infusion of all-embracing spirituality, and an engrossing search-and-find element make this enchanting book a collectible for all ages.

Look Up! Jung Jin-Ho, $26.50 (ages 3-7)

A girl in a wheelchair looks down from her balcony and calls to passersby below: "Look up!"

Dog walkers, a bike rider, a kite flier and dozens of commuters walk by without taking any notice. Then a boy stops and looks up. He lies on the sidewalk so the girl can see him better. A woman joins him. Soon nine people and one dog are lying down and looking up. The girl looks up at the reader and smiles.

King Baby. Kate Beaton, $22.99 (ages 3-5)

All hail King Baby! He greets his adoring public with giggles and wiggles and coos, posing for photos and allowing hugs and kisses. But this royal ruler also has many demands, and when his subjects can't quite keep up, King Baby takes matters into his own tiny hands.

A modern, funny, and (let's be honest) realistic take on life with a new baby, and the perfect gift for anyone with an adorable little ruler in their life.

Lucy & Company. Marianne Dubuc, $17.95 (ages 3-7)

This compilation of three, short, cozy stories features a little girl named Lucy and her four animal friends: Marcel the mouse, Henry the rabbit, Dot the turtle and Adrian the snail. (Anton the bear also makes two surprise appearances!)

Chocolate Me! Taye Diggs, illustrated by Shane Evans, $8.99 (ages 3-7)

A boy is teased for looking different than the other kids. His skin is darker, his hair curlier. He tells his mother he wishes he could be more like everyone else. And she helps him to see how beautiful he really, truly is.

The Hue In You. Sarah Kraftchuk, illustrated by Sari Richter, $18.95 (ages 3-7)

The Hue In You is a story about a star in the universe who feels alone in the dark. Hue takes us on a journey to explore the radiant beauty all around. Soon Hue realizes that the light he admires so much is also within himself.

Everyone. Christopher Silas Neal, $21.00 (ages 2-5)

Everyone has feelings. Everyone laughs, cries, feels happy, feels sad.

Who We Are! All About Being the Same and Being Different Robie H. Harris, illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott, $21.00 (ages 2-5)

Join Nellie, Gus, baby Jake, and their parents at Funland as they go on rides, watch performers, and play games along with many other children and grown-ups. As they enjoy their excursion, they — and young readers — notice that people are the same as one another in lots of ways, and different in lots of ways too. Accessible, humorous, family-filled illustrations; conversations between Gus and Nellie; and straightforward text come together to help children realize why it’s important to treat others the way they want to be treated and the way you want to be treated — whether a person is a lot like you or different from you, a good friend or someone you have just met or seen for the first time.

One Day on Our Blue Planet in the Antarctic. Ella Bailey, $23.95 (ages 3-7)

From breakfast to dinner, dusk to dawn, children will love spending the day with this curious penguin chick.

One Day on Our Blue Planet in the Savannah. Ella Bailey, $24.95 (ages 3-7)

Minding his mother and playing with his father, this little lion can’t help chasing trouble and fun as he explores the little corner of that big blue planet he shares with us.

A Beetle is Shy. Dianna Hutts Aston, Sylvia Long, $23.99 (ages 3-7)

From flea beetles to bombardier beetles, an incredible variety of these beloved bugs are showcased here in all their splendor. Poetic in voice and elegant in design, this carefully researched and visually striking book is perfect for sparking children's imaginations in both classroom reading circles and home libraries.

A Rock is Lively. Dianna Hutts Aston, Sylvia Long, $10.99 (ages 3-7)

A gorgeous and informative introduction to the fascinating world of rocks. From dazzling blue lapis lazuli to volcanic snowflake obsidian, an incredible variety of rocks are showcased in all their splendor. Poetic in voice and elegant in design, this book introduces an array of facts, making it equally perfect for classroom sharing and family reading.

Families. Shelley Rotner & Sheila Kelly, $10.99 (ages 3-7)

Celebrate diversity with a picture book for very young children about the many faces of contemporary families. Big or small, similar or different-looking, there are all kinds of families. Some have one parent, some have two, and many include extended family. This inclusive look at many varieties of families will help young readers see beyond their own immediate experiences and begin to understand others.

Chu's Day. Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Adam Rex, $21.99 (ages 3-7)

Chu is a little panda with a big sneeze. When Chu sneezes, bad things happen. But as Chu and his parents visit the library, the diner, and the circus, will anyone hear Chu when he starts to feel a familiar tickle in his nose? Chu's Day is a story that reflects upon how young children aren't always listened to… sometimes to calamitous effect.

Beautiful Hands. Kathryn Otoshi & Bret Baumgarten, $26.50 (ages 3-7)

This colorful concept book reveals an illustrative surprise and reading delight with every turn of the page. Children will revel in the spectacular art created using thumb- and hand-prints. The book's uplifting message will rouse and motivate, leaving no heart untouched.

ZOG. Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler, $9.99 (ages 3-7)

What do dragons learn at Madam Dragon's school? Zog is the most eager student in the class, but he's also the most accident prone. With each test (and each bump, bruise, or scrape), his dream of earning a gold star seems further away than ever. But a mysterious girl keeps coming to his rescue. And when Zog faces his toughest test yet, she may be just the person to help Zog win classroom glory!

Zog and the Flying Doctors. Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler, $22.99 (ages 3-7)

Who's that calling for help? A sunburned mermaid? A sneezy lion? A unicorn in distress? Quick! Send for the Flying Doctors! They'll swoop to the rescue on Zog, their trusty dragon-ambulance. But when the king himself falls ill, can even the Flying Doctors save him?

Tabby McTat. Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler, $9.99 (ages 3-7)

Tabby McTat loves his life on the streets with his owner, Fred, singing (and caterwauling) for coins that people throw in Fred’s hat. But one day, Fred is in an accident, and the two are separated! Will Tabby and Fred find their way back to each other?

Tiddler the Story Telling Fish. Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler, $9.99 (ages 3-7)

Tiddler is late to school every day, and he always has an elaborate excuse for his teacher. One day, as Tiddler is thinking up his next story, a net sweeps him up and hauls him far away from his school. How will Tiddler find his way home? All he has to do is follow the trail of his biggest, fishiest story yet!

The Gruffalo. Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler, $11.95 (ages 3-7)

Who is the fiercest creature in the woods? The fox, the owl, the snake? Or is it the mysterious Gruffalo?

No!! I can’t tell you who it is, but I’ll give you a hint: he’s teeny tiny, and his name rhymes with ‘house’!

The Gruffalo's Child. Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler, $12.99 (ages 3-7)

"The Gruffalo said that no gruffalo should ever set foot in the deep dark wood."

But one wild and windy night the Gruffalo's child disobeys her father's warnings and ventures out into the snow. After all, the Big Bad Mouse doesn't really exist... does he?

The Princess and the Wizard. Julia Donaldson & Lydia Monks, $12.99 (ages 3-7)

"The princess may try seven times to escape, By changing her colour and changing her shape."

But each time Princess Eliza changes — into a blue fish, a yellow chick, a red fox or a black cat — the wicked wizard finds her and sets her another horrible task. Will this plucky princess be able to outwit him and escape back to the palace in time to cut her birthday cake?

SNAP!  Hazel Hutchins, illustrated by Dušan Petričić, $12.95 (ages 3-7)

What could be more perfect than a brand new set of crayons? Evan can’t wait to use them, until Snap!, the brown one breaks in two. Then one by one, the others break, get crushed, are blown away, or simply disappear. How can he possibly draw when there’s no green, purple, or even black?

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site. Sherri Duskey Rinker, Illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld, $24.99 (ages 3-6)

As the sun sets behind the big construction site, all the hardworking trucks get ready to say goodnight. One by one, Crane Truck, Cement Mixer, Dump Truck, Bulldozer, and Excavator finish their work and lie down to rest — so they'll be ready for another day of rough and tough construction play! With irresistible artwork by best-selling illustrator Tom Lichtenheld and sweet, rhyming text, this book will have truck lovers of all ages begging for more.

Mighty, Mighty Construction Site. Sherri Duskey Rinker, Illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld, $23.99 (ages 3-6)

All of our favorite trucks are back on the construction site—this time with a focus on team-building, friendship, and working together to make a big task seem small! Down in the big construction site, the crew faces their biggest job yet, and will need the help of new construction friends to get it done. Working as a team, there's nothing they can't do! The millions of fans of Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site are in for a mighty good time!

All Year Round. Emilie Leduc, $16.95 (ages 3-7)

From January through December, experience a world of color, wonder and silliness. March is for celebrating a birthday, July is for swimming upside down, September is for crunchy piles of leaves and December is for a kingdom all in white. Experience a whole year to play and celebrate!

When Sophie’s Feelings Are Really, Really, Hurt. Molly Bang, $21.99 (ages 3-6)

Sophie is hurt when the other children laugh at her and tell her she's wrong. Sophie's face gets hot, and tears begin to flow. Then she questions herself and the value of the choices she's made. At issue is Sophie's colorful, expressive painting of her favorite tree. Sophie loves it, but her picture is different from the paintings done by the other students. "The sky isn't orange! Trees aren't blue! Your picture is wrong!" they tell her.

In addition to the book's subtle art lesson (imagine the skies of Vincent van Gogh, for example), readers have the opportunity to compare and contrast all the paintings done in Sophie's class. In the end, the students learn there are many different ways to interpret the world - and each other. Here is a simple story that tackles the common issue of hurt feelings as it gently helps us to be more kind.

Waiting. Kevin Henkes, $21.99 (ages 3-7)

Five friends sit happily on a windowsill, waiting for something amazing to happen. The owl is waiting for the moon. The pig is waiting for the rain. The bear is waiting for the wind. The puppy is waiting for the snow. And the rabbit is just looking out the window because he likes to wait! What will happen? Will patience win in the end? Or someday will the friends stop waiting and do something unexpected?

Waiting is a big part of childhood — waiting in line, waiting to grow up, waiting for something special to happen — but in this book, a child sets the stage and pulls the strings. Timeless, beautiful, and deeply heartfelt, this picture book about imaginative play, the seasons, friendship, and surprises marks a new pinnacle in Caldecott Medalist Kevin Henkes's extraordinary career.

Imaginary Fred. Eoin Colfer & Oliver Jeffers, $23.99 (ages 3-7)

Did you know that sometimes, with a little electricity, or luck, or even magic, an imaginary friend might appear when you need one? An imaginary friend like Fred. Fred floated like a feather in the wind until Sam, a lonely little boy, wished for him and, together, they found a friendship like no other.

Garbage Delight. Dennis Lee, illustrations by Sandy Nichols, $12.99 (ages 3+)

A delightful serving of classic poetry — just right for pint-sized fans!

My First Book of Hindi Words: an ABC Rhyming Book of Hindi Language and Indian Culture. Liana Romolo & Jaime Laurel, $15.95 (ages 3-7)

My First Book of Japanese Words: an ABC Rhyming Book of Japanese Language and Japanese Culture. Michelle Haney Brown & Aya Padrón, $14.95 (ages 3-7)

My First Book of Korean Words: an ABC Rhyming Book of Korean Language and Korean Culture. Henry Amen IV & Aya Padrón, $14.95 (ages 3-7)

My First Book of Tagalog Words: an ABC Rhyming Book of Filipino Language and Culture. Liana Romulo, illustrated by Jaime Laurel, $14.95

By learning a few words in another language, young children can appreciate the culture and beauty of  cultures different from their own. Bold and bright illustrations accompany these fun rhyming ABC books, and a helpful glossary at the end of each book makes it easy for readers — including parents and teachers — to review what they've learned!

If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, DON'T!. Elise Parsley, $19.00 (ages 3-6)

Your teacher does NOT want you to bring an alligator to school. And you don't want to, either. TRUST ME.

Up and Down. Oliver Jeffers, $9.99 (ages 3-5)

Once there were two very good friends — one of whom wanted to fly...

Mama Built a Little Nest. Jennifer Ward, illustrated by Steve Jenkins. $19.99 (ages 3-5)

There are so many different kinds of birds — and those birds build so many different kinds of nests to keep their babies cozy. With playful, bouncy rhyme, Jennifer Ward explores nests large and small, silky and cottony, muddy and twiggy — and all the birds that call them home!

Mama Dug a Little Den. Jennifer Ward, illustrated by Steve Jenkins. $23.99 (ages 3-5)

This companion to the celebrated Mama Built a Little Nest explores the many different kinds of dens animals build for their babies. There are so many different kinds of dens that mother animals make for their babies, from desert burrows to snow caves to elaborate underground tunnels. Jennifer Ward introduces young readers to all sorts of animals and the cozy burrows they call home in this bouncy, rhyming picture book, illustrated by Caldecott Honoree Steve Jenkins.

The Party. Barbara Reid, $8.99 (ages 3-6)

Everybody loves a party — and this big family party is even more fun than most!!

Hug Machine. Scott Campbell, $22.99 (ages 3-6)

Who have YOU hugged today? Open your arms to this delightfully tender, goofy, and sweet tale. 

A Day in Canada. Per-Henrik Gürth, $16.95 (ages 2-5)

This sweet picture book takes readers on a sunrise-to-sunset tour across Canada, showcasing all kinds of fun adventures to be had from coast to coast to coast. Each colorful spread shows a different time of day and location with a corresponding activity. Using vibrant, bold colors, the artwork features a variety of lovable Canadian animal characters — familiar from Gürth's other titles — this book is an appealing, heartfelt celebration of all that is beautiful and special in Canada.

Melvis and Elvis. Dennis Lee, Illustrated by Jeremy Tankard, $19.99 (ages 3+)

Melvis the monster And Elvis the elf Were hunting for books On the library shelf…

Dennis Lee is back with a lively new collection. From noisy daytime chants to soothing bedtime verses, this irresistible medley of story poems, schoolyard rhymes, and pure nonsense is vividly captured in whimsical and energetic art by celebrated illustrator Jeremy Tankard.

My Village: Rhymes from Around the World. Danielle Wright & Mique Moriuchi, $19.99 (ages 3-6)

In a new edition of this special book, 22 nursery rhymes from Iran to Iceland and Samoa to Switzerland have been carefully chosen and beautifully illustrated by Mique Moriuchi. A celebration of cultural diversity, each poem appears in its original language (19 languages are included) next to an English translation so young children can delight in quirky, touching and funny verses from all over the world. 

Grandma Comes to Stay. Ifeoma Onyefulu, $10.99 (ages 2-5)

In this book set in Ghana, Stephanie is getting everything ready because Grandma is coming to stay. Grandma shows Stephanie how to wear traditional dress, reads her favourite book, and takes her to see real-life dancers at a festival. In return, Stephanie shows Grandma how to kick a ball, ride a bike and play the drum.

Deron Goes to Nursery School. Ifeoma Onyefulu, $10.99 (ages 2-5)

Deron and his mum get ready for his first day at a Ghanaian nursery school described and shown in photographs.

Look at This! CLOTHES. Ifeoma Onyefulu, $21.95 (ages 2-5)

Hats, shorts, long skirt and top, wrapper … all kinds of things to wear, photographed in this vibrant mix of Western and traditional African clothing.

Look at This! FOOD. Ifeoma Onyefulu, $21.95(ages 2-5)

So many delicious things to eat! Mango, rice, plantain, okra!

Fox and Squirrel Make a Friend. Ruth Ohi, $14.99 (ages 3-7)

Fox and Squirrel are the best of friends. But when Yellow Bird comes along, he and Squirrel frolic high up in the treetops where Fox can't reach. Fox feels like Squirrel doesn't need him anymore. Can Squirrel help Fox see that there's room in their friendship for another?


Big Bear Hug. Nicholas Oldland, $8.95 (ages 3-7)

There once was a bear filled with so much love and happiness that whenever he came across another living thing, he would give it a hug. The bear spent his days wandering the forest meeting (and hugging) friends — including his favourite trees — with big bear hugs. Then one day the bear crossed paths with a man wielding a tree-cutting axe — and suddenly the bear didn't feel much like hugging...

Scaredy Kate. Jacob Grant, $8.99 (ages 2-5)

Kate has a problem. She’s terrified of her aunt’s big bulldog, Cookie. One day, after fleeing the apartment to escape Cookie, Kate takes the strangest elevator ride ever — complete with a mysterious package and floor after floor of real-life monsters! On the top floor, all the monsters exit the elevator for an unexpected treat. But they’re missing one special ingredient… guess who has it? Kate has just the thing to top off the monster’s favorite snack. It takes all of her courage, but she manages to share with the monsters, and finds that they aren’t so scary after all! Kate makes some new friends, and she discovers the perfect way to tame her own personal beast.

Hugs. Robert Munsch, $9.99 (ages 3-6)

Thea and Tate need a hug. But not just any hug will do...

NO, NO, NO! Marie-Isabelle Callier, illustrated by Annick Masson, $11.95 (ages 3-6)

Jeanne loves to say "No!" Whenever her mom asks her to do anything — such as pick up her toys, turn off the TV, or get ready for dinner — Jeanne answers, "no, no, NO!" A charming portrayal of childhood defiance, that stresses the normalcy of this developmental stage and encourages patience, humor, and understanding in both the child and the parent.

Noisy Poems for a Busy Day. Robert Heidbreder & Lori Joy Smith, $18.95 (ages 3-7)

From sun up to sun down, this lively and lyrical collection of playful poems captures the big and small adventures of a child’s day.

Wait and See. Tony Bradman & Eileen Browne, $10.50 (ages 3-7)

It’s Saturday and Jo has some money to spend, so she and her mum go shopping. But what should she spend her money on? Wait and see!

How to Catch a Star. Oliver Jeffers, $11.99 (ages 3-7)

There once was a boy who loved stars so much that he wished he had one of his very own. Every night he watched the stars in the sky from his bedroom window and dreamed of how he could be their friend and how they could play hide-and-go-seek together. So, one day, he decided to set about catching a star for himself.

The Way Back Home.  Oliver Jeffers $9.99 (ages 3-7)

One day a boy finds an aeroplane in his cupboard. Up, up, up and away he flies, high into the sky. He whizzes past clouds and stars until suddenly, phut, phut phut, the plane runs out of petrol. Miles from earth, the boy crash lands on the moon. Just as he is beginning to get cold and lonely, a Martian appears from the darkness — could this be the start of an unlikely friendship? And will the boy ever manage to get home again?

This Little Light of Mine. Illustrated by E.B. Lewis, $24.50 (ages 3-7)

E.B. Lewis has taken This Little Light of Mine, an African-American spiritual and illustrated it with warm, loving drawings of a young boy who lets his light shine for his neighbours, friends and family. The score is included so you can learn to play and sing and shine your light for everyone to see.

Chicken, Pig, Cow's First Fight. Ruth Ohi, $6.95 (ages 3-6)

Chicken, Pig and Cow were best friends. They had never had a fight. Then one day Pig is in a bad mood and the best of friends have a big, bad fight. Can everyone still be friends?

Chicken, Pig, Cow  Horse Around. Ruth Ohi, $6.95 (ages 3-6)

Chicken, Pig and Cow do everything together — just the three of them. So not everyone is happy when one day Horse arrives, until they realize that the more friends they have, the more fun the can have.

Chicken, Pig, Cow and the Purple Problem.  Ruth Ohi, $6.95 (ages 3-6)

Who ever heard of a purple cow? Fed up with being different, Cow sets of to change how she looks.

My Mother’s Sari. Sandhya Rao, illustrated by Nina Sabnani, $10.95 (ages 3-7)

A young child’s connection to her mother is observed through the colors and textures of her mother’s saris.

KATY and the Big Snow. Virginia Lee Burton, $9.99 (ages 3-5)

Katy the snowplow loves to work so when a big blizzard blankets her little city, Katy comes to the rescue in this classic tale of determination and heart.

Ben and the Scaredy-Dog. Sarah Ellis, illustrated by Kim LaFave, $19.95 (ages 3-6)

Ben was upset when his friend Peter moved away, but now the new neighbors are moving in across the street and Ben can’t wait to go say hello and make friends. That is, until he notices that this family has a pet dog; and unlike his sister and brother, Ben isn’t so sure around dogs. The big jaws and big teeth make him nervous. But what Ben doesn’t realize is that Max is an “old scaredy-dog” who feels nervous too. Can Ben overcome his fear and come to see eye-to-eye with a new kind of friend?

Ben Says Goodbye. Sarah Ellis, $18.95 (ages 3-6)

When Ben’s best friend Peter moves away, Ben decides that he will move, too — into a “cave” under the dining room table. Caveman Ben doesn’t need any friends except his tame (stuffed) lion. He hunts for his food (thoughtfully left on a plate by Mom and Dad) and communicates in grunts. And in the safety of his cave he can imagine a world where friends control their own destinies and distance is no obstacle.

Pikiq. Yayo, $19.95 (ages 3-6)

In the far, far north, Pikiq finds paint, paintbrushes and a book with pictures of tropical animals and faraway places, abandoned in the deep snow. Inspired, Pikiq draws fantastic creatures everywhere, and colour bursts onto the snowy white landscape!

The Magic Paintbrush. Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Joel Stewart, $13.99 (ages 3-6)

With her magic paintbrush, Shen can paint steaming pots full of fish and oysters to feed the hungry people in her village, but when the evil emperor hears of her gift he commands Shen to paint gold for him instead. She is determined to keep her promise to paint only for the poor, but how can she match the emperor's mighty power?

Toshi's Little Treasures. Nadine Robert, illustrated by Aki, $18.95 (ages 3-7)

In this appealing search-and-find informational picture book, readers join a little boy named Toshi as he and his grandmother explore six of their favorite places — the riverbank, the town, the forest, the country, the park and the beach. At each location, Toshi finds treasures to add to his collection, from a dragonfly wing to a glittery rock to a guitar pick. Best of all, his grandmother always knows what everything is!

Mixing fiction and nonfiction, this book is the perfect resource for life science lessons on habitats and the environment. It encourages observation skills, curiosity and critical thinking — building blocks for studying science. This book would be a terrific inspiration for a trip around the neighborhood in which children can find, identify and draw treasures of their own. It could also be used as a starting point for storytelling, in which children imagine the story of a treasure — Toshi's or their own —  before it was found.

This is Sadie. Sara O'Leary & Julie Morstad, $21.99 (ages 3-7)

Sadie is a little girl with a big imagination. She has been a girl who lived under the sea and a boy raised by wolves. She has had adventures in wonderland and visited the world of fairytales. She whispers to the dresses in her closet and talks to birds in the treetops. She has wings that take her anywhere she wants to go, but that always bring her home again. She likes to make things — boats out of boxes and castles out of cushions. But more than anything Sadie likes stories, because you can make them from nothing at all. For Sadie, the world is so full of wonderful possibilities... This is Sadie, and this is her story.

Who’s In My Family? All About Our Families. Robie Harris, illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott, $19.00 (ages 3-7)

Join Nellie and Gus and their family — plus all manner of other families — for a day at the zoo, where they see animal families galore! Full of charming illustrations depicting families of many configurations, this engaging story interweaves conversations between the siblings and a matter-of-fact text, making it clear to every child that every family has its own story.

Sakura's Cherry Blossoms. Robert Paul Weston & Misa Saburi, $21.99 (ages 3-7)

A warm, gorgeous exploration of a little girl's experience immigrating to a new country and missing her home and her grandmother, who still lives far away.

I Wish You More. Amy Krouse Rosenthal, illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld, $20.99 (ages 3-6)

Some books are about a single wish. Some books are about three wishes. The infallible team of Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld have combined their extraordinary talents to create this exuberant book of endless good wishes. Wishes for curiosity and wonder, for friendship and strength, laughter and peace. Whether celebrating life's joyous milestones, sharing words of encouragement, or observing the wonder of everyday moments, this sweet and uplifting book is perfect for wishers of every age.

Mama Lion Wins the Race. Jon Muth, $23.99 (ages 3-5)

Start your engines: the race is on! And Mama Lion and Tigey are off — with their cool goggles and snazzy sports car!

Racing teams gather from far and wide for this madcap race. But who will win the trophy cup? Will it be the playful Flying Pandinis? The mischievous Knitted Monkey Crew? Or will Mama Lion and Tigey speed past the finish line in first place? As Tigey says, winning is winning, but sometimes the journey itself — filled with ineffable moments of mystery, beauty, and joy — is even more fun than getting the prize.

Nancy Knows. Cybèle Young, $19.99 (ages 3-7)

Nancy Knows is the charming story of an elephant who remember lots of things, except the very thing she is trying to remember. Each spread of this whimsical, arresting picture book features fantastic miniature paper sculptures within expressive outlines of a puzzled pachyderm. It's a book not to be forgotten.

The Thing Lou Couldn't Do. Ashley Spires, $18.95 (ages 3-7)

Lou and her friends are BRAVE adventurers. They run FASTER than airplanes. They build MIGHTY fortresses. They rescue WILD animals.” But one day, when they're looking for a ship to play pirates in, Lou's friend has an idea: “Up there! The tree can be our ship!” “Ummm...” says Lou. This is something new. Lou has never climbed a tree before, and she's sure she can't do it. So she tries to convince her friends to play a not-up-a-tree game. When that doesn't work, she comes up with reasons for not joining them --- her arm is sore, her cat needs a walk, you shouldn't climb so soon after eating. Finally, she tells herself she doesn't want to climb the tree. But is that true, or is this brave adventurer just too afraid to try?

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